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4 months ago

I bought the DxO NiK Collection 2.0 last year, and was impressed enough with it to upgrade to v.2.5 back in March 2020. DxO had been bombarding me with marketing emails offering the upgrade for what seemed like a fair price, so when lock-down began in the UK and I knew that I was going to have more 'spare time at home' to play with old photos, I decided to go for the upgrade. I purchased it online, received the activation code immediately, but didn;t install the software straight away as I was busy with other things.
I was pretty furious the week after I bought the upgrade that the marketing messages changed from "buy NiK v.2.5" to "upgrade to the new v.3.0". I complained to them about this, and asked for a discount on the upgrade to v.3.0, but htey refused.
The following week I installed my v.2.5 upgrade, only to find that it would not properly integrate with my LightRoom installation. I had had trouble before with the version 2.0, so was confident that I could fix this, but I couldn't, so I had to contact their technical support.
Their response was un-install the software and re-install it ….. not very helpful, and having a Ph.D. in physics (yes, I'm a 'Dr.' ;-), I had already thought of doing this, and actually done it a few times. Despite repeated attempts and several further messages to their technical support, it did not work.
I dropped this for a few weeks before coming back to it with fresh vigour, but was immediately defeated when I tried to clear away the previous installation and install the *very* latest version of the NiK collection v.2.5, only to get the same results – Failure.
Once again, I contacted technical support, and once again they told me to uninstall and reinstall ….. I told them this was wasting my tie, and asked for a refund as the software clearly was not fit for purpose and did not function in the way that it had been sold and marketed to me. They refused. I told them how un-impressed I was with their product and their service, and attitude in general, so they asked me to answer a number of specific questions about my problem and system, and to run a diagnostic tool they sent to me and then send them the results. I did this, and waited a week before asking for an update. Nothing. I waited aother week or two, and asked for an update on my case ….. again nothing. Another week, and request for an update …. nothing. Basically, they have done NOTHING and do not reply to my messages to their technical support.
They are now bomnarding me with messages to buy their latest product ….. Noooooo chance.

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