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5 years ago

I have emailed them about 5 times they have not replied yet its been about 3 months and haven't got

They had about 5 colors on them with white shoe laces they were huarache shoes and they collected the money as soon as I ordered them. They have the white huarache symbol on the front of them. All I want is my shoes or I would like my money refunded with interest.


5 years ago

Ordered shoes for 135 in Aug still don't have them.

I ordered some tennis shoes shoes online for $135 on August 19th 2015 and October 7th 2015 I still don't have my shoes and they will not answer a phone call or an email. I have been attempting to contact this company on multiple occasions and they will not communicate with me. I want my money back as soon as possible.


5 years ago

Haven't got my shoes and I paid134

Shoes haven't been here in forever seriously getting impatient. They haven't even contacted me nor emailed me. I spent my hard owned money on this site and I trusted them. All I want is my money back and to talk to the site owners. Stay away from here it's a scam.


5 years ago

Merchandise not given after card is charged

Ordered a pair of shoes. Company says it takes 1-6 weeks. We waited the allotted 6 weeks and began to contact the site regarding the order never being received. The site does not list a phone number or actual email address anywhere on the site. You can only contact them through the contact form on their page. We have tried 6 times in the last month to get a reply and have been unsuccessful. Our card WAS charged as soon as the order was taken yet we still have no merchandise.


5 years ago

Haven't received merchandise ordered

On June 11th I placed an order on DxpeDesigns.net and on that website it states that all orders take at least 1-6 weeks to ship to you and on that website they absolutely have no reviews or no number to call and no email. It's been over 5 weeks and I haven't received anything. I've looked into more and I am definitely sure that this website is a scam.

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