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1 month ago

I bought a product from this company which has already suffered many complaints and they scammed me into buying a unshipped/fake product


7 months ago

I ordered a lightsaber 2 Months ago and I have yet to receive my light saber I鈥檝e contacted him every other day for two weeks and he will not respond to me paul the owner of the Dxsabers and I realized he used fake photos of other people sabers on his website


8 months ago

This is absolutely the best place to buy light sabers. Don鈥檛 go anywhere else. Excellent quality, a variety of different light sabers, the prices that you can鈥檛 find anywhere else. And the service is phenomenal. I don鈥檛 know why the people who wrote the bad reviews have done so. I figure they are upset about something in life.


8 months ago

Not sure what everyone else鈥檚 deal is on here but I had a great experience with DX Sabers! Customer service was super responsive and attentive in helping me choose a saber for a friend of mine for her birthday. Shipping and delivery was delayed due to corona, but there is a pandemic going on so I had sense enough to be patient through that process. Definitely great value for the price, she loved it!!


8 months ago

I want this to be an honest review, as I have not purchased from dx. I am a retailer and designer who works with LGT. The problem isn't the quality – although their will be issues here and there (as with all mass produced products), LGT makes solid, dependable sabers, and most retailers like Rebel Sabers back up those products and provide excellent service. The real issue is he claims that he owns a factory, makes the sabers, and they are only available from him. He does not own a shared space in Shenzen – that's LGTs location. He does not make the sabers, and often takes credit for the designs that were clearly made by someone else. They are available at close to a dozen other resellers, who sell in local and international markets around the world. Not 'only' at Dx sabers. It seems a small thing, but it is lies like this that hurt the credibility of other retailers. We sell at n marked up prices, like stores do with other products, to make a living, and often so we can focus on our designs, and other products. Having a company lie about their locations and products ruins it for everyone. If you like what they sell, support the honest companies who retail for LGT. I hope anyone wronged by this company gets a good resolution. EDIT: my email was thanking you for carrying my hilt model – which is not a dx saber, confirm with your manufacturer. Post the email if it makes you feel better. I sent it before I was made aware by other retailers ( who sell from your manufacturer, by the way) that you were taking credit for everything, even that you have your own factory. I'm not a direct competitor, I'm a retailer in a different market. Trust me, all other competitors feel the same about your lies.


8 months ago

If you're looking to buy lightsabers, then look elsewhere.
In every sales post they make, they claim that these sabers "are only available at Dx sabers" which is of course a lie. Multiple vendors sell the exact same models, and for less as well.
They are just another dropshipper, who sells items produced in China, they haven't designed any of them, and the ones they have designed are laughable.

They have no qualms passing off others ideas/products as their own. The kyber crystal product, was actually an idea stolen from another Instagram user, and they've done a subpar job trying to replicate it. Its just cheap junk crudely glued into a wrench socket and spray painted. The pictures they use to advertise them, are clearly manipulated to make them seem brighter, and I've no doubt people are going to be really disappointed if they ever buy one, and the whole amputee saga was a disgrace as well, look it up.

Another red flag, is that they use computer generated renders from other websites to try and sell pre orders for certain sabers. Surely if you've got a legit product to sell, you should show evidence of an actual working product, before you ask people for their money.

The community has been stung many times by unscrupulous people like the ones running this company, it ruins trust and isn't right. Please take heed.

Edit: I'm not that other Noah you're talking about. I've been in the saber game a long time, and I've also got a set of good eyes and common sense, which is why I'm trying to warn others.
You haven't addressed my key points.
So you're saying that didn't rip off the kyber crystal idea?
So you're saying that you're the only one that makes these sabers?
Which, according to every sales post you are the only ones… yeah right.
You're selling pre orders for non existing sabers, using other peoples renders and movie stills to do so.
Your using other people's money to fund these projects, which shouldn't be the case at all.
Lastly, your mark up price on those helmets from cybercraft is ridiculous, well over $100 on some of them.
Anyone reading this, go to cybercraftru etsy store. Trust me, you'll save yourself a fortune.
All this fake positivity/I don't tell lies BS you're trying to sell to people doesn't wash with me. I, and many others can see right through it.


8 months ago

DX Sabers is widely considered to be a scammer in the saber community.

Earlier this year, when they started, DX Sabers made fake reviews across all their platforms (FB, Etsy, their website dxsabers.com). They no longer make fake reviews.

They once falsely claimed to be affiliated with Ripper Blades when Ripper Blades had in fact declined the request to be partners.

They stole pictures from a few YouTubers, and a picture from an amputee with a lightsaber arm that was not designed by them.

I have heard that they sometimes don't let customers get a refund, and they have lied about sabers/items being shipped.

They also steal soundfonts/include them with the Darkwolf soundboard in their budget sabers.
There are stolen Kyberphonic fonts in a video review of one of their sabers made by Stoney Magnum. Those fonts are optimized for CFX / Proffie / Verso. 'The Survivor' and the 'Dark' soundfonts are two examples of that.

The Sophie's Sabers charity is likely fake. I searched for it on the IRS's website and nothing came up. If anyone would like to call the IRS and see if the charity is real, please do. I'm still not completely sure about this.

They stole an Etsy store (cybercraftsru)鈥檚 helmet designs and/or pics.

Additionally, they blame negative experiences on customers when replying to negative Etsy reviews while appearing polite as possible.

I once contacted the owner of DX Sabers, Paul Doghramji (also known as 'The Dark Jedi'). He evaded every single one of my questions, called the people who left negative reviews 'not completely stable' and 'naturally angry humans', and the worst part was that EVERY. SINGLE. SENTENCE. WAS. AN. INDIVIDUAL. MESSAGE. It was spamming. Paul apparently vented at one customer who had a terrible experience with DX Sabers in the same way.
This is what he sent me: "So anyway you鈥檙e welcome to purchase but if you went as far as to speak to all the negative reviewers then hey man you must really be committed but you鈥檙e not gonna find much outside a bunch of naturally angry humans"
And this: "I don鈥檛 believe kyber nite" KyberNite is one of his reviewers. "is a very stable person so you鈥檙e welcome to take what they say right at face value I really don鈥檛 mind"
Oh, and this: "Lol I don鈥檛 blame my customers man but you can鈥檛 act like customers don鈥檛 make mistakes" "Customers are used to being invincible and always being right"
When asked if he could detail his experience with a certain customer of his, he said: "Lol I鈥檓 not gonna do that That guy put on a scene and harassed me and my pages then got to keep his money and his item". Blaming experiences on customers. "He scammed me.
Same with Jeremy below him.
Also many people don鈥檛 know how to use a computer"

Oh, if you ask him and he claims that that conversation was made up by me, I can send you screenshots over Etsy. He's a really great liar.

A previous reviewer linked an article about DX Sabers from Sabersourcing which has a lot of info. There are so many other options, like Sabertrio, Electrum Sabercrafts, TXQ Sabers on Aliexpress, and the various other LGT Sabers resellers (Rebel Sabers, Aegis Sabers, Crimson Dawn). Paul, I am not being sponsored by those companies. I鈥檓 suggesting them to people who want to buy a quality lightsaber.

Note: I cannot support a company such as this, but I know for a fact people have had positive experiences with DX Sabers.

You did respond immediately, but I was really annoyed with the fact that you were spamming me with false claims.

If you feel that I was rude, then I apologize.

Your company is surrounded by a lot of controversy and I wanted to clear that up. You didn't give me proof that your company is legit.

Are you serious? This is the only negative review I left.

I research before I spend money on a toy.

Your customer service was not manipulated in any way. Many accusations have been made against you and there is a lot of proof behind those accusations. It does seem like you're the most scummy LGT Sabers reseller out there.

Again: I was trying to find out which side was correct. You just gave me tons of proof that the lightsaber community is telling the truth.

"This article is funded by the companies that this article is blatantly advertising lol." Every Sabersourcing article has those advertisements. Sabersourcing even spoke out about Ultrasabers' flaws on Reddit yesterday (DX Sabers constantly claims that the Sabersourcing article is funded by Ultrasabers, and so Sabersourcing is always on US's side. This is not true). The article is far from biased. It has so much proof that your company isn't legitimate. Are you really going to sue Sabersourcing and (somehow) a subreddit?

And please stop telling lies and stop that fake positivity.

But if you want to be positive, then MTFBWY and good luck in the future!


8 months ago

Hey everyone buying from day please don鈥檛 listen to most of the posts on Facebook or Reddit those post are just haters with no actual experience or has had any business with dxsabers or Paul this guy always responds fast a lot faster than ultrasabers or saberforge and people you have to understand this Paul business is small it鈥檚 not like ultrasabers or saberforge with 40+ worker it鈥檚 just paul so give the man some time plus with all the riots and COVID-19 he just needs time to send your orders anyways I had a great experience with Paul he replied to all my messages sent me tracking infos and tried his hardest to send my order to me as fast as he can don鈥檛 listen to the haters all that they are is hater. All lightsaber he sells are from LGT sabers a trusted company so there lightsaber are of nice quality I鈥檝e order 2 and had been extremely satisfied with the product each lightsaber comes with multiple colors changes 3 different sounds and a mute mode which I love the most anyways give Paul a chance message him and you will he what I mean


8 months ago

There is a lot of bad stuff going around and people say that it鈥檚 a scam but it鈥檚 not, people are just saying this because it鈥檚 what everyone else is saying, everyone who is writing reviews on here has not bought a lightsaber from them while I on the other hand have and can say that their products are great, shipping takes a while but very good customer service and brilliant lightsaber!


8 months ago

When speaking to the owner of DXSabers about several allegations made online against his company, Mr, Paul Dohgramji Jr. yelled at me about internet comments, told me that I befriended people who harass children, and threatened to sue me for defamation. This man seems highly unstable, as well as unable to follow basic logical pathways to maintain a conversation.

The allegations against his company basically revolve around the quality of products that he re-ships, his customer service and accountability, and his willingness to plagiarise other companies' media to promote his own company.

He is also accused of falsely advertising a charitable foundation. I personally looked into this, and could find no mention of "Sophie's Sabers", the alleged charity, outside of things Paul himself had posted. When questioned about this, Mr. Dohgramji Jr. insisted that his paperwork had been filed with the IRS. At this time, there is no record of such that I could find.

In short, the owner of this "company" is a real piece of work who doesn't deserve a dollar of your money.


8 months ago

Everything you need to know about this scam of a company

https://sabersourcing . com/2020/05/05/dx-sabers-what-we-know-about-the-company-and-its-custom-sabers/

Edit 1 in response to DXSabers's reply: the website I linked is funded by various sponsors. If you look through their site, you will see glowing reviews for companies that do not sponsor them. I don't need to buy from DXSabers. I've bought from their supplier so I Know EXACTLY what their quality is. What else you got, Paul?

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