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4 years ago

See the email complaint below:

To whom it may concern

I seek a refund for this visit regarding the points stated below:

1. Monday 8th Aug 16 – checked into a basement room that smells ever so slightly of sewer and given a key that did not fit the door. I spoke to the nice day receptionist who gave me a key that worked. As for the smell there wasn't much he could do about that

2. Tuesday 9th Aug 16 – use the shower and notice that the shower leaks and the shower door doesn't close and is near enough off its hinge. I also notice that there is a huge spider web in top of the ceiling near the bathroom. I explain the all the faults to the day reception who stated that everything will be fixed.

3. Tuesday night return to the room and noticed that the shower no longer leaks and the perception is that the door is fixed. Speak to the day reception once more who states that he forgot to tell the cleaner about the spider web and will let them know to remove it in the morning.

4. Wednesday 10th Aug 16 06:20 – Go to use the shower and close the bathroom door. Finish my shower and go to open the door. I'm unable to do so. There is no handle inside the door or outside (Phillip- A piece of metal inside the door does not equate to a handle) I spend 10-15 minutes attempting to open the door and I am unable to do so. I have to wrap a towel around me and physically climb out of the window. I then run across the road in just a towel, (bare foot with everyone watching) in order to get to reception to report the faulty door. This was traumatic for me. What if I had been stopped by one of my colleagues (a police officer) How would I explain this. I would have to live the embarrassment for some time to come.

5. The receptionist attended the room with me but bought the wrong key, so returned with the right key to open the door. The receptionist was about to leave without checking the bathroom door. He was unable to open it.

I had been diplomatic and patient thus far but climbing out of the window it only a towel is the final straw. What would have happened if an elderly person had been in the same predicament? Health and safety? Doesn't bare thinking about. This is completely unacceptable.

On speaking to the manager Phillip Ivenov he informs me that he can move me to another room (which I will accept) but can't guarantee me a refund. "I can make a request but it is not stated in the terms and conditions". I have no gripe with Phillip but this answer is a nonsense to me. Phillip if you had to climb out of a bathroom window and run across a busy road in just a towel, how would you feel? Aggrieved? Would you not ask for a refund? Would you except the explanation you have given me?

I have given Dylan Kensington ample opportunity to put things right and far too much leeway. My patience has now run out.

This is an official request for a refund due to the points raised above. Should a refund be declined I will pursue all other options available to me, including Civil Court and an honest review on Trip Advisor.

Please be so kind as to reply to this email once this has been sent to accounts/bought to the attention of the owner.

Regards – An irate customer

Nadine Pierre
Room 401


There is no air con in any of the rooms and the Internet is currently down.

I have been refused a refund. Term and and conditions were stipulated. Some chocolates, alcohol, flowers and fruit have been left in my room (by way of apology). I apparently insisted on this (sarcastic tone). I'm actually on a diet and suffer from Hayfever. I will be leaving them untouched when I check out in the morning (I hope the manager kept the receipt because he can seek a refund)

I shall be seeking Civil Remedy

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