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1 month ago

I had the service for less than a month and within few days, my account was hacked and I have no access. I would rate this as a 0 if possible. I have contacted support with no reply after 5 days and there is no one to talk to. The hacker also used the service to capture other accounts and passwords.
At $55 a year, you would believe that the product would provide quality service. Not the case.
The very same day that this account was compromised, every one of our other online accounts were either accessed or had attempts at access. We had devices that were compromised as well.
Stay away.


3 years ago

I use DYNDNS in order to remote view my CCTV. However it no longer picks up when my home IP address changes, resulting in me having to manually update my DYN profile each time, this is a service I am paying for and not receiving.

I have tried to contact DYN by phone, no luck and have sent them 2 emails to which they have not bothered to respond.

I will be cancelling when due for renewal as I can simply use my IP address to log in, but this does not help with the IP address changes, but then the DYNDNS profile does not do anything to help with this any more.

Waste of money.


5 years ago

Terrible customer service. I asked them to refund a auto charge on my credit card for continuation of service (which I never signed up for) and got no response. I finally had to take it to the credit card company. Don't give them your credit card…


9 years ago


This one may not interest everybody, I use the free Domain Name Service & site redirection!

From the site:
"We offer you superior domain name services (DNS), high quality domain management, world-class e-mail services, and web redirection. All of our paid services include free email technical support where you speak to a highly trained engineer rather than a call center reading a script off of a screen."

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