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4 years ago

I purchased two bathroom cabinets on-line via Ikea website. The delivery schedule, for the same city, 20 miles away was 11 days from purchase. Then the delivery company "Dynamex" in Dallas tried to deliver the product to a business on a Sunday, when the business was obviously closed. They did not try to redeliver on the following Monday or Tuesday. It took numerous phone calls to Dynamex and Ikea to try to straighten things out. They were never going to try to redeliver. I had to call and reschedule, they wanted to charge me another $50.00 on top of the $100.00 delivery fee I already incurred. This "redelivery" was not scheduled for another 2 days. Then the delivery company did not deliver on that scheduled day. It took them one more additional day. Meanwhile my paid contractors are waiting. Bottom line, it was a miserable experience. Absolutely no customer service, just the run around, pointing fingers. How in this day and age there can be such a miserable, inefficient is beyond belief. Dynamex is terrible !!!! No customer service, they did not return my calls, all totally unacceptable.

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