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3 years ago


Amirual very good I enjoy my driving lessons.


3 years ago

In OCTOBER I booked lessons for my 17 year old daughter who was very excited to have past her theory test and was keen to begin her driving lessons. Searching the internet I was immediately swayed by their tag line '10 Driving lesson – 拢99*'. I signed my daughter up and was informed by the call centre agent that there were drivers in my area that could provide lessons on the weekend and someone will contact me shortly. Subsequently, I received a call from an instructor who said they were not able to give lessons over the weekend and passed my details on. After a few weeks I called the centre to be told that I would be contacted in a few days. This continued until JANUARY when I rang and demanded a refund as we were yet to be contacted regarding the lessons despite my numerous calls and complaints. I was then informed that they would refund my money which would be in my account within 2 days. It is now MARCH and I am still waiting to be reimbursed! I am appalled by this company's conduct! I would certainly not recommend this driving school as my daughter is still taking the bus and I have yet to receive an apology or my money. It beggars belief the disregard that you have for your customers – I have just spoken to another customer service agent who advised that I will be refunded in 2 weeks – this is wholly unacceptable!


4 years ago

I have paid this stupid dynamic for 10 hours driving lessons.And the driver they directed to me did not contact me until after 3 days that I have paid them.And when he contacted me,he did not know when I could started my lessons nor even replied me back.And I decided to cancel the lesson and asked for my money.It is already 15 days today that I have been calling and sending messages.They have not paid me nor reply to any of my messages.Dynamic I am going to let media and everyone in uk be aware of your fraud company,if you refuse to pay me back my 拢114.99.I had already called my bank who will dealt you as well.You are a thief not a real company could hold any customers money.I want my money back.This is the fake code you gave to me since 10861.Thief


5 years ago

The best company ever l had driving lessons with they even booked my test as well,lhad lessons with one before which he was money mad his car was more importent than the student,the second one she has no patient shout all the timebut dynamicdrive teacher was perfect patient with good manners thank you darren


6 years ago

Swift no hassle to book 2 minutes quick service thanks


10 years ago

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