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Website & Phone: Falkenried 29 Hamburg 20251 Germany

3 months ago

Very happy with the product and the service that we were provided through the dynamic insights team. It was possible to customize the data and the reporting perfectly to our needs and helped to improve the performance for our clients. The team was always ready to help if we had questions or needed support. 5 stars!


4 months ago

We have been working with Dynamic Insight for nearly a year already.
Their proactive services and integration solutions are done exceptionally fast and well.
Only a pleasure working with these people.


1 year ago

We have implemented Dynamic insights as one of the first partners due to a long lasting business relation with its founder Richard to give him the possibility to run a pilot. Now, after just a few months, the solution is implemented for many processes, it helped us standardizing interfaces and scaling our technology much faster. So grateful on a personal and professional level that the idea has materialized in this convincing software.


1 year ago

Dynamic Insights has helped us optimize marketing spend across channels, staying focussed on KPIs and aggregating customer touchpoints across all our tools.

This greatly helped us make the most of marketing spending and customer interaction!


1 year ago

Thanks to dynamic insight we were able to obtain structured information of our Advertising-Data and gained distinctive insight into which advertising would lead to customers – and at what price.
Also, direct and straightforward communication.

Highly Recommendable!


1 year ago

We are using Dynamic Insight to integrate with various customers and to easily define integration flows from different data sources (CSV, Rest APIS, etc) to our APIs. Everything can be defined from the Dynamic Insight UI and it's extremely intuitive and easy to use.

Until now Dynamic Insight has been an invaluable time saver, that combines the ease of use and dynamic integrations models and it has been the perfect solution for our use cases.

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