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5 months ago

Achievers invest rename…
To the detriment of ourselves and those I invite, we have learned from it that we will never, ever pay money for such things! The percentage was too good! We lost a total of $ 2,500. Terrible big money, it would have had a place elsewhere. Whoever can, avoid it. In the summer, they changed their profile to dynamic solution (dynamicsolution.trade). Previously, they were Achievers Invest !!! In the summer, they tried to raise more money as broker fees, they didn鈥檛 come together, so they changed their image. Nor could Majaul Eshlam answer what cards are used for mining. Of course, because the picture was stolen. Names of cheaters: Majaul Eshlam who was modeled after a singer named Alcione. Another is Kashav Sanjeev Henry who was modeled after a politician named Simon Bridges. Built-in fence people: Lyen Sonito, Jocelyn Mcrrh, Moo Thekang Chongyen.

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