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7 months ago

Scammer Alert !!
I really first of all wish to start by saying that – I was a fool, you shouldn't be. You simply can't make money out of 200 and make it 10 times, at least not every day. A person who claims herself to be Daina Lopez (@diana_lopez on telegram), changes her gender every 15 days and becomes Joe Arnold, or Scotty James. If you contact them on Whatsapp no on the website, you will come to know about the telegram group where the actual scam happens. Also, since I lost I have started recording everything, I have screenshots, and every detail. Also, I have 5 more accounts currently monitoring. I can provide each and every detail, if asked.

Simply put, use you 200 euros for something useful, I lost 900 OR may be try yourself and see how it feels. :)))

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