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4 years ago

My daughter graduated from the 12th grade and all she wanted was this dog for graduation so I told her to get in touch with the company and I would get the puppy for her. She then came and said the dog was 550 for them to ship the puppy that they had coupons for everything else I said ok fine and sent the money Western Union after I sent the money I then sent them copies were I had sent the money so we waiting and waiting no reply on when the dog will be shipped. I then got back on to ask when the puppy will be shipped that's when some email me from fly pet express stating in order for them to ship the dog the needed 900 dollars more for shots and insurance I then got back in touch with them to let them know I don't have that type of money can they send me a refund then they couldn't cause the puppy was already shipped I then told her well they gone send them to a home for abandoned animals they them stated they was gone sue me for animal cruelty so me and my husband talk and decided to send the 900 they then ask for 750 more I they knew I was scammed.


4 years ago

I thought I was buying the most adorable puppy named Joyce, but in fact I was scammed. I sent $700.00 to Dynamic Yorkies via Western Union, and they insisted I was to send a additional $970.00 or I would be sued for animal cruelty in connection to the puppy (Joyce) insurance to ship.Dynamic Yorkies are working out of Baltimore, Maryland, and this site should be taking down immediately before they scam another tax paying citizen of their hard working money!! They have called me, E-mail me harassing and threatening content concerning the scam of the puppy ( Joyce). SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!


4 years ago

I ordered a dog from Dynamic Yorkies. They insisted on getting cash, which should have been a red flag, but I wanted the dog they advertised so bad I didn't use my brain, only my heart. Used a credit card but they wanted it paid thru Western Union so they could get the cash. A man called me from Western Union AFTER I had paid for the dog and said this was probably a scam and I'd never see the dog or my money again. The person must have been waiting at the WU office because they picked it up as soon as it went thru.
I wrote Dynamic Yorkies and never got a reply. No dog and no money. Why is this on your web site as an ad if they are scammers? Do you ever check any of these sites first? I guess "let the buyer beware" applies here. Please take this down before they rob anyone else of their hard earned money.


4 years ago

Two weeks ago I went online looking to for a yorkie to buy and dynamic yorkies seemed to be pretty reasonable with their prices so I called them and let them know I was interested in buying a puppy from them. He "Johnson Brotherhon" informed me on how to send the payment for the puppy and I did, after making the payment I received the email letting me know they have received it and I will be receiving puppy in two days,well the day after making the payment I received another email telling me I had to send 900 more dollars so I can get my dog. I asked them to please refund me my money and I haven't heard from them anymore I continue to call but no one will answer the call. So now I just don't know what to do. Can someone please help me?

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