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Website & Phone: 207 East Ohio Street Chicago 60611 United States

1 year ago

Dynamism.com does not sell cell phones. There are scammers using the Dynamism name and brand likeness to cheat hundreds of US$ from victims.


1 year ago

They feature in Alibaba. they never got the product to me. they just kept the money and gave all reasons. please stay away from this store. And do not order ONLINE and do not pay through any means other than paypal or credit card.


5 years ago

I bought from them a $4000 laptop believing in the 3-year warranty. The wireless card began to fail intermittently then stopped working completely. This laptop was not used very often and was supposed to be heavy duty. Their warranty procedure consisted of sending it to Japan and making so-called repairs that took four months, two returns, and did not solve the problem. They acknowledged the wireless card was defective. When I asked them they needed to do something other than take my laptop for another two months with no resolution in sight, they said they did not replace defective laptops, only parts. Well, after two replacements and almost 5 months with no resolution, I suggested they extend the warranty. They said no. This company is at best incompetent and at worst a scam. Either way I would not recommend it for any product they sell as they don't stand by their warranty.


6 years ago

The feature that I feel attractive about Dynamism is the low price gadgets. Hence the gadgets are affordable to the customers and also the services are really fast.


6 years ago

Affordable gadgets…. overall experience was good


8 years ago

Dynamism.com offers a perfect selection of notebooks, smartphones, watches and gadgets of all kinds. I find here even some Japanese gadgets, not released in the U.S. and that I haven't seen anywhere else. I ador newest technologies and this is one of the best sites for me. Sometimes I visit this site just to dream.
I bought a laptop and some accessories from Dynamism and got my order without any problems. It is not a cheap place but they are US based and it is important for me that I can call them in case of any issues. Besides their prices include free rescue service warranty and shipping cost if a repair service is needed. This is the benefits that are worth paying for.


9 years ago

Affordable gadgets. If you already found a cheap price for your stuff think again, better check this out first.


9 years ago

Dynamism is the place to go for new electronics and gadgets. The service is fast and helpful and I found no problem with any of the products. They sell devices at EXTREMELY low prices. The shipping is fast, but $15.89 for 3day HD Fedex.. WOW.

Overall I give it a 4/4 stars for exellence!


10 years ago

Although dynamism.com does sell gadgets and watches as well as computers and web devices, frankly, one gadget and a half dozen watches mean that you're coming here for the laptops, netbooks, handhelds, and especially, the sought-after Viliv series of handhelds, which includes the gorgeous Viliv N5, an ultra-mini 1.3Ghz atom-powered Windows-7 running handheld computer with a 4.8 inch screen, bluetooth, 3G, a gig of memory and so much cool you could chill your martini with it.

Also up for grabs here are Archos internet tablets, high-end Panasonic and Toshiba notebooks and the chokingly-expensive Fujitsu U/G90N, which at $1400 and upwards is about the same size as a cellphone and about as easy to drop, so don't take it into the restroom with you.

Due to the patchy watch and gadget sections, the site does look like some of the more dodgy electronics sites at first view. But this is not fake gear, it's a legitimate dealer and distributor. If you're in the market for a notebook or handheld and you want high-end quality, this one should be well up your browsing list.

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