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10 years ago

I have placed two orders with dynamite buys for wood stove pipe and supplies and the results were dynamite. The technical help was great, the order was processed correctly, all items came as ordered and undamaged and the invoicing and email status from them was complete! What more could you ask? I give these guys ***** (5 stars) and highly recommend them. Thank you dynamite buys!


10 years ago

Thank you Dynamite Buys! My contractor had arrived to build my outdoor kitchen. It was time to go to my local retailer to purchase a Fire Magic A540i grill. Imagine the horror when I learned that my grill had to be ordered and would take 4 weeks to ship. I was told that if someone had said they can get one sooner than that would be lying to get my business. I stumbled upon Dynamite Buys on the internet and called to speak to a salesman. He told me that they had the grill in stock and when I could expect to receive it. I was a bit skeptical but had no option but to order one. I placed the order on a Monday and received it by that Friday. Not only did Dynamite come through just as they had promised, I saved almost $600 in the process( including not having to pay sales tax). I'd like to say once again THANK YOU and I highly recommend Dynamite Buys to anyone.

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