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1 year ago

Are starting to let sellers mess about, they either like one seller tried to blackmail me to leave a hood good review to get my refund!!!!! Ebay let the seller to continue to sell as normal so seems that they are ok with bkackmilers on their site!? Another seller sent us a chest of draws which box was broken as were some of the pieces, contacted them who are a joke, offered us 拢5 to get wood to replace them like we're carpenters. Then get an offer of 拢15 which is less than half the price and exactly what it will cost to get picked up by council so another joke!!!! Then sent another message to tell them either want replacement or refund in full plus money to get useless one picked up as have no vehicle to dump ourselves so they either collect it or pay for dumping fees???? Problem with Ebay is that have to wait along time for them to get involved so we have a big heavy box in a small flat which is a pain to store or get picked up by council as haven't got money to pay removal fees. They should be backing buyers to get issue sorted quickly and then give sellers a penalty for messing up then trying to wiggle out of either refund plus cost of picking up fee or replacement item with disposal costs as we're going to be out of pocket while seller & Ebay as both get THEIR cash while 2 long long term customers lose money again!! Thought Ebay were about looking after their customers but things been getting worse & worse lately!!!!!! Were a good company hence being long term customers but last few times always seems to be a problem and sellers, even the blackmailers carry on as if nothing happened which is NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!


2 years ago

Good service, the products that I have bought have arrived in perfect condition, it has many offers, promotions and you can find everything a little at good prices. The delivery of the products may be delayed but it is depending on the option that one chooses, but at the level of service and attention it is excellent.


2 years ago

Such a shame that eBay has become a huge faceless corporation with setting immovable, complicated policies that are inflexible to customer needs. It鈥檚 also such a shame that they鈥檝e dumbed down customer service roles so the agents have no authority to go outside policy in anyway. Sure it鈥檚 very frustrating for the customer service agents having no empowerment to solve customer issues.

In one recent problem I had to speak to 3 levels of management before an issue was solved. EBay鈥檚 unwillingness to bend a rule which each person I spoke to agreed was a ridiculous rule, showed just how bureaucratic the company has become. Ridiculous. EBay, having grown from what is a great product, needs to do work to ensure it remains customer focused and doesn鈥檛 tie self up further on its own red tape and almost 鈥榮oviet鈥?bureaucracy.


2 years ago

Questionable quality but very good prices and perfect warranty policy/security.


2 years ago

Have cheap and good quality stuff and fast shipping go shopping there you'll love it..

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