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1 year ago

Have mailed three times about a delivery poorly packed and with two smashed bottles…They haven't even bothered to answer…So unprofessional !


3 years ago

I've had the "pleasure" of working with the shipping/fulfillment company E-BOX DELIVERY.

—- Task —-
My task for E-BOX DELIVERY was fairly simple in shipping terms: Deliver 265 board games to different customers within Europe.

—- Process —-
E-BOX DELIVERY had what they thought was an elaborate Excel setup for different online-shop integrations. However they didn't master neither the technical side of it nor the communication regarding how to make it work.
It was a lot of talk with very little action behind. Their documentation of the process and how many packages that had been fulfilled was erroneous, inconsistent and involved a lot of manual work on both sides.

—- Result —-
The whole process ended abruptly with roughly 250 board games shipped. They never got all of them shipped, E-BOX DELIVERY just stopped shipping all together.
Of the 250 games delivered, I encountered 21 double shippings, which costed me a lot of time and money to correct. 1 lost game and 18 damaged games were reported. An error percent of 16!

—- Aftermath —-
Not only did E-BOX DELIVERY fail to complete their task, they also promised that I would be reimbursed for the 21 double shippings that I had to correct myself. This never happened.

—- Summary —-
I'll never be working with E-BOX DELIVERY again. I can't recommend this fulfillment company to anyone who wishes their products shipped reliably, timely and undamaged 🙁

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