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5 months ago

Don鈥檛 shop- really rude director, really abuse I鈥檝e and took money for stolen parcel and kept it and put the phone down.
Be aware.
Ordered a parcel with instructions you can鈥檛 get into the flat so when I ordered from the company I stated it鈥檚 gates and post box you can鈥檛 get into with no key – so if no key call me and I can come down for the parcel or let you in the gate. Or it will be robbed. Very clear. The delivery people didn鈥檛 follow instructions and left it with a stranger that we do not no and didn鈥檛 email to say on way or phone like instructed and did the exact opposite. The 拢55 parcel has now gone missing. I emailed and called and had a lady called penny who understood my brother was in hospital after a suicide attempt no one was in and no one called now it鈥檚 stolen and we don鈥檛 no the neighbours as no ones moved in yet. She said to sort it and then the phone went down. I called and called and emailed about 5 emails not out of anger but panic stood outside of the flats needing to get to the hospital with a 拢55 order gone. The phone didn鈥檛 answer or a call or email back. I then got a call from the director to say I was rude don鈥檛 ever speak again (when no one was rude we was chatting together) that lines go down for lunch. Which it didn鈥檛 state and to go look for my own parcel. He didn鈥檛 care. Am I finished. Shut up for a second. Find your own parcel. I said are you the director because this is awful. And he said yes nation wide and you can鈥檛 go above me. I felt stuck being abused down the phone. I said I can鈥檛 knock on a hole block of flats by myself what if they say no or are nasty and he said well that鈥檚 what your get if you rude. I stated again I wasn鈥檛 being rude and listen to recorded phone call you will see and he wouldn鈥檛 then said look for it myself and whether I find it or not or dangerous or not as they have a picture posted on who I don鈥檛 no and sighed by us all who wasn鈥檛 there. After saying shut up, am I done, you will get into a fight if your rude when I鈥檓 anxious and shy actually and he didn鈥檛 care and I can鈥檛 go above him as a director and find it myself. I said where is costumer service, how rude are to a young girl from a director and you鈥檝e now no followed instructions and it鈥檚 gone losing 拢55 when if your nationwide your making millions but want to keep the 拢55 so bad you won鈥檛 even help and left me with a missing parcel and out of pocket. He stated that was a mobile so not recorded and sent an email like he knew how to play the game. I cried and he said I don鈥檛 care we did are bit and don鈥檛 use them again and refused to help, kept the money, didn鈥檛 follow instructions and then I was abused over a phone by an older man that I came into my mum and cried. He knows I can鈥檛 win it and don鈥檛 no what to do. He鈥檚 won and taken the money, abusive, can鈥檛 go higher or fight it as it was a mobile no recorded then put the phone down.

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