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2 years ago

the dvd I ordered came in a brown paper bag like the grocery store uses
the dvd was to be subtitled it was not I got his attention with an e-mail
the several back and forth nasty words his final statement was he is not in the rental business I will likely take the dvd to the range and use it for a target


10 years ago

I paid for a photography prop from this site named E-crater. It's a free site for people with merchandise to sell. The name of the "store" I bought from was "recently found." The item I paid for was an old food scale. I paid $32.00 altogether with shipping and handeling the 28th of January. A month later, not even a tracking number, nothing. I called the owner of the store and left a message. They didn't return my call. I emailed them. They didn't return the email. I actually followed the web hosting directions to try and contact the store owner first. Since I didn't get a response, I emailed the website E-crater to file a complaint against the store. Well, that didn't work. I got a generated email from "Tracy" telling me to contact the store. Well I'm here to warn anyone that may use that site E-crater, to stay away. They have my money and I won't ever see the product I purchased I"m sure. I think they SCAM people and get their money and then run them around in circles. Please anyone thing of using them don't because I don't want the same thing to happen to you! SCAM is what they are…..disapointed but I learned my lesson. So stay away!!

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