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10 months ago

I ordered an item from edeala (.nl subdmain) on 9 February and received the item on 30 March i.e. in 7 weeks. Considering it was sent from China via normal post I was expecting it to take around 12 weeks, so I am happy.

The item was received in good order. The only reason I did not give 5 stars is because they don't give an expected delivery time and don't mention the expected delivery time upfront.


3 years ago

When you order Edeala.nl send no goods but waits untill the pay back period of PayPall has passed and than they blame the postal company that they didnot recieve the goods! They never pay back the goods! SCAMMMM


3 years ago

Despite the 'co.uk' address this is a Chinese company from which the purchases are shipped. They are Hong Kong based. READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE YOU THINK OF MAKING AN ORDER WITH THEM. Delivery takes 15-20 days via China Post. Additional customs costs may apply. They will not allow you to cancel an order, which I attempted to do within hours of placing it. The purchaser is responsible for the cost of the returns postage – presumably back to China/Hong Kong – no return address was given, nor indeed a returns form or paper receipt. The package arrived while I was away on holiday. Items have to be returned within 7 days of 'approval', which I was not able to do as I was away. Following an email explaining this, my original wish to cancel the order, and requesting specific information about how I might return the item I had the following reply: "The order was shipped on time, delivery takes 15 to 20 working days. Unfortunately, we do not accept returns for this reason. If you didn't want the item you should've rejected it on delivery so it was sent back to us. Thank you for your understanding." My understanding is that this is a shoddy company. Although they work within their terms & conditions they bank on the fact that few of us read them and so use a misleading process to get your money with no sense of morality or provision of good customer service. Don't trade with them.


4 years ago

I bought a couple items from this place as it was a UK site. A normal person would assume a .co.uk site with all prices in pounds would be in the UK. No, not this place. They dont state at checkout that the delivery will take a month to get to your door. Only in the Terms and conditions at the bottom of the page. They also state that any customs you have to pay for. What? I ask myself i was meant to be buying from a UK shop. I could have bought the items for 1/3 the price on ebay from China if i wanted that but i didnt. Very bad indeed. Will never use these people again.

EDIT: At least the item turned up as was signed for. 2 stars i think is more fair.

EDIT AFTER RESPONSE FROM EDEALA.CO.UK: I still am sticking by the 2 star rating. As i said before you are deceiving people into thinking they are buying from the uk. If i wanted to wait almost a month for a item i would have bought it soo much cheaper on ebay. You should make it clear of the location of the item, delivery times and let people know they are eligible for any import tax/charges. Thankyou for your response.

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