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5 months ago

I have now been waiting for more than a month for some response from eDreams. Nothing has happened. The last communication said that they will keep me updated. However, when I click on the website you referred me to, it says that that website is for sale. I need a refund for a ticket that I bought in February from Cape Town to Seoul to depart in August.


6 months ago

Wish I had read this site before booking.
I booked two tickets in February. Only to receive in March, an E Mail from E Dreams (the same as hundreds of other customers) cancelling the booking owing to Coronavirus. This email quoted the booking reference number. Which they now claim doesn't exist. It would appear that E Dreams is operating a huge scam. ( I hear from another website that they are taking bookings with Icelandic Air for flights they know will never take place.)(Hearsay only)


7 months ago

I despair with this company; how can somebody invent something so bad! They ought to rename it E- nightmare as that what they are!
I shall use every avenue possible to spread the news on how shockingly bad you are!
I shall now be using a section 75 request to get my money; no chance of these jokers getting it to me!


7 months ago

Do NOT use this company waiting since April for a refund sick of calling them e mailing them whats app you name it i have tried even mailing the CEO you are a disgrace e dreams !! hope they shut you down your staff are rude arrogant and couldnt care less maybe when you lose your jobs when they shut you down you may think of the thousands of customers and the way you handled this
and stop putting false good reviews on its so obvious one staff has 4 on same day !! just check out e dreams scammers on fbook to see what people really think !


9 months ago

My flight to Vietnam was cancelled way back in March due to all flights to and from Vietnam being cancelled by the Vietnamese Government. I contacted Edreams by email and phone but could not get through ever. I screen grabbed all my correspondence with them and the airline and on the day of my flight received an email asking if I wanted a voucher which I declined as I had asked for a refund on the airline website which again was never acknowledged.
By this time all non essential travel was cancelled by governments around the world.
I contacted American Express during this time explaining the situation re Edreams and they said I was not the first. Opodo are the same company with the name change coming in to effect as Opodo's image is worse.
Safe to say they informed American Express I was a no show for my flight which means I'm not liable for a refund. Unfortunately for us and VERY fortunate for them pretty much every passenger in the world is a no show at the moment!
Opodo/Edreams are possibly the lowest of the low re their ethics. They are just scum who profit in others misfortune.


10 months ago

Terrible services and no contact !!!!Due to coronavirus my flight at 20/04 was cancelled.after a lot of times I tried to catch edreams phone ,I called airline directly (01/04)so as to have a refund.they accept my request and told me that the money will be appeared in edreams in 10 days.for 4 days now I am trying to call an employee of customer service so as to transfer me the money but without success. Meanwhile I have tried to communicate with automated agent via Facebook but without success too.Finally the website is unhelpful .This is ridiculous!!!!!!such 鈥渟ervices鈥?can not be tolerable.i demand my money back


10 months ago

Due to coronavirus pandemic, my booking was cancelled and I have requested a full refund.
They emailed me this process will be done in 90days, so I was waiting for it.
Now it's been about 70days since I made a cancellation, and I got note from my credit card company that the refund amount will be only about 10% of what I have paid.
I am still expecting to get 100% refund as they have promised me.

Whole one week, I have been trying to contact them by calling, emailing, Facebook messenger but nothing works.
I have called consumer investigation service and my credit card company to despute this issue. But both of them told me as they don't have authority to make action to E-dreams directly.

I will not give up! I will continue to request a full refund! If not, I will definitely bring to court case!


10 months ago

Well What can I say? I write a review and e Dreams respond with the same statement about corona virus and how to only contact them if your flight is due to leave in 3 days. I WANT A REFUND NOT A VOUCHER. Well guess what, my flight is due to go in 2 days and I still can't get through to them. All I want to do is cancel my flight to Australia with Qatar Airlines for Wednesday 8th April from Manchester UK. I am now getting frantic and don't know what to do anymore. I WANT A REFUND NOT A VOUCHER.
This company is a joke. You cannot communicate with them whatsoever, but they are very quick to respond via a bad review! I WANT A REFUND NOT A VOUCHER.
So e Dreams get the message, I want a refund of my money for flights to and from Australia as I can't travel due to the UK Government advice for non essential travel. Which bit of I can't get through on the phone to cancel don't you understand? Which bit of 'I want a money refund not a voucher' don't you understand? I WANT A REFUND NOT A VOUCHER
The CEO Dana Dunne needs to get a grip of the business and sort out the horrendous very poor customer service that the company is becoming renowned for. How many bad reviews does it take for them to sort out a refund of my hard earned money? I even emailed the CEO and like his team with no customer service skills, he hasn't responded either. I WANT A REFUND NOT A VOUCHER please sort it out Mr. Dana Dunne as soon as possible. I WANT A REFUND NOT A VOUCHER


11 months ago

One's again I'm sitting in the trap of e-Dreams.
Our flight Copenhagen to New York is cancelled, The flight is with Scandinavian Airlines.
I have tried for many days and houres to get in contact with e Dreams to get a refund, I have tried to request my refund thru the web side of e Dreams, nothing is working.
Don't ever, never do any booking with e Dreams, they have absolutely no customer service.
I had, in connection, with the trip to New York, 4 flights with Easy Jet, thouse flights was also cancelled, it took me half an hour on the phone, and after 4 days I had the hole amount of money on my account.


11 months ago

Very bad experience. You can not reach them on phone, there is no mail contact. There is no chance to get them on phone, to cancel flight, to get refund. I bought cancellation for any reason yet I can not get refund. Very, very bad… my booking reference is 4960402134. Katarina


11 months ago

I'm in Thailand right now and I've spent so many money and time trying to call them, many hours waiting and cannot talk with nobody of their customers service. I don't know how a digital company don't have email to get in contact with them. I just want to cancel my internal flight in India for obvious reasons and it's imposible. I want my full refund asap. My reference number is 4818715702


11 months ago

I am an unhappy customer. Why? Because they didn't give me the address of their bank to put on my International bank transfer form. this resulted in a delay in e Dreams recieving the balance. Now I have had an email saying the cost has gone up since I bought the flight and I need to pay the difference, this is awful as it was not my fault that they didn't give me their bank address. Now been holding on the phone for well over half an hour, no other way to contact them as I am not on facebook, twitter or instagram. This is appalling customer service and I am sooo cross about the whole process, I just want to sort out my trip asap.


11 months ago

Booking ref. 4979605414
Booked a flight with this company to fly to Romania. I needed to change the flight date because of a family bereavement so called the customer services. Nobody wants to speak to you or help you at this company once they've had you're money. Iv been left on hold for hours on end only to have the call disconnected and have to start the whole sorry process again. Still haven't spoken to anybody and it looks like I'm going to loose my money on this simply because of the shocking customer service that this mob offer.
My advise to anybody wanting to book a flight is to avoid e dreams at all costs.
OK here is an update of my dealings with this company,
After a further 3 hrs of being on hold and having my call disconnected, an employee of e dreams finally decides to answer my call, after I explained my situation and he realises he might have to actually do some work and contact the airline to reschedule my flight, he decides it would be easier to pretend he couldn't hear me on the phone due to a bad connection and tells me to end the call, I tell him to get me a manager and he answers me saying no need for a manager he would call me back, I told him I wasn't prepared to end the call and he responds to me again saying just end the call, remember people this is a guy that claims not to hear me. Eventually after I point out that he can actually hear me because he is responding to my questions he agrees to help me change my flight, you'd think this was the end wouldn't you!
Well after a short pause he comes back to me and says its not possible for him to do it and I have to call the airline directly and gave me a premium rate number to call, I objected to this and he grudgingly gave me an alternative number.
I called the airline (wizz Air) and they changed my flight in 5 minutes flat, no wait, no fuss, although they did charge me a 15 euro call center charge. They informed me that e dreams could have contacted them and changed my flight and I would not have been charged the 15 euros, I guess Horisi at e dreams was just to bone idle to do it.
Seriously though, steer well clear of this company, as soon as they've had you're money they'll just drop you like a hot brick.
Id be interested to see if e dreams reply to this review with some lame excuse of why their company fail people so badly.


1 year ago

I have terrible experience with this company. I took ticket from them in both direction. since I got high temperature, I couldnt use it. I took another one when I got better and counted that my return ticket is valid still. but they canceled it without inform me, no mail, no sms, no nothing. they just sent me million mails about renting car and many discounts. when I came to the airport to go home (I was traveling with 5 years old child), I found out that there are no our tickets, everything is canceled by agency. so I had to buy new tickets for part of our way and after I had to use night train and bus (only business class was available and too expensive for me). so I spent much more money and instead 10 hours, we were traveling 2 days to come home. at the end they sent mail that everything is written in conditions and they will not return money. so I strongly recommend to all not to travel with this agency. I am sure that I will avoid them during all my next trips.
if they wanted to be fair, they could send me email and let me know about cancelation and I could confirm that I will use return tickets and all would be fine. but they just wanted to keep my money and sell my tickets to other persons. this is easy way to make more money.


1 year ago

The customer service I spoke to was very rude and sarcastic. I have never used this company before, I asked him to clarify things and became very sarcastic, when I asked him for his manger his toned changed to very nice and helpful. I sure hope since he did the booking it works out. Customer service is what keeps people coming back this person needs some education on treating people with respect. H


1 year ago

It's a joke. Extremely incompetente 90 days for a refund(拢 2,200) Due their mistake.
I spent hours in phone calls. Absolute waist
Of time. The options they offered are ridiculous(12+ hours) conexion time or refund 90 Days.
To conclude: no money to buy a new tickets, no family holiday, frustration for the whole family waiting for us abroad. Deception, disappointement, disgrace.


1 year ago

I booked x2 business class flights to India
Paid by instant bank transfer (they don鈥檛 take cards).
I wrongly assumed that I had made a booking.
13 days later I received an email an email telling me the booking was cancelled because the payment took 5 days to arrive even though Edreams took another week to let me know.
I still haven鈥檛 received my refund (well over 拢2000) a week after they cancelled my flight.
I had also booked a non refundable hotel for the trip so I lost that money.
Edreams can鈥檛 be trusted with your hard earned money.


1 year ago

These guys are the worst company that do not deliver anything they say!! Please please do not ruin your travel/holiday by using them! Booked return flights with baggage through them outward flight booked no baggage although paid for, their solution pay at the airport and claim back through them. No return flight booked having checked with the airline. Having complained to customer services and completely un satisfactory answers ask to speak to a manager after 1hr 15 mins of holding no answer. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not use them.


1 year ago

(started at Trustpilot on July 19th)
I posted my problem here on July 29th and got answer from e-dreams to be contacted shortly. Unfortunately, i麓ll have to announce that by the Aug 7th the "shortly" has not ended yet. I still require company麓s answer when do i have my refund for cancelled flights in April.

Best regards,
booking no 3895971269

to be continued…


1 year ago

stay away from them .i have refundedticket on june 18 th and by now i still haven't received the money yet .i tried to contact them several times and all i am getting is answers that my ticket was refunded on june 18 th .pls do not use them !!!! it is not worth the money that you save !!!!!!!!!!!!!es no 4535377174.and e dreams nobody can replace the real agent !!!!!!


1 year ago

Bad customer service and reachability. I made a double booking due to an error on their app. I got an email that my return flight is cancelled and my first flight has been confirmed. Now I still do not know anything about my flight although it鈥檚 in 2 days. Customer service takes a long time and they provide bad service. I never ever book again with this company. Hopefully I do get my refund!!


1 year ago

Worst, cheating travel agency ever…its not even af travel agency. Bought a ticket..suddenly they change the date of departure. Contacted them and explained that I was wondering why they change the date to another from what I ordered. They said that thats how it is and if i wanted my original date back I should pay even more for the ticket. They are cheating and lying and worst of all is that I can not even get my money refunded for a ticket I never got! DO NOT USE THIS FAKE COMPANY!


1 year ago

I spent money to purchase the option "flexible dates"…. and to depart 2-3 days earlier they ask me a fortune….. then? NO MORE IN MY LIFE e-dreams, for sure and I'll talk on my News Paper and on all the Social Media too


1 year ago

Sumit Chopra was delightful
one of the reps for E dreams…What a professional!
He was sure to dot every I and cross every T in addition to being so patient and just plain nice.
I will definetly do busiess with this company again and again


2 years ago

They sneaky and not honest. They do not make the ticket clear. I had a airport change and it is in super small print not to see it. I then paid 450.00 Euro to change and they charged me another 50.00 Euro service fee. So my low cost ticket of 771.00 Euro is now 1335.00 plus it did not include any luggage so have to pay more at the airport. The service fee was 65.00 on booking and 50,00 on change. Do not touch awful!!!!

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