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Website & Phone: Philadelphia Pike 2093 Claymont 19703 United States

1 year ago

This company is a complete sham. Its not a scam because you do get an EIN number. However, the site is misleading. It looks very 鈥渙fficial鈥?and unless you scroll down nine pages you will think that you are on the actual site for the Internal Revenue Service. IT IS NOT. They are what they say….,.way down at the bottom of their site….a filing service. You will pay them $200 to fill out a form SS4, which takes two minutes if you did it yourself. In case you dont know the IRS does not charge a fee for EIN numbers. The IRS does not expedite either. This service will get you an EIN number right away (which you can do yourself) but you still have to wait two weeks for a hard copy of your letter from the IRS if you chose the hard copy option. YOU DONT HAVE TO WAIT FOR A HARD COPY. YOU CAN GET A PDF FROM THE IRS INSTANTLY. Unless you can not read or write and you need to establish a business do not use this service. There is no value in this service.

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