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9 months ago

After putting a honest review I received an email from Eflorist Asking for my ID number of the flowers and they said they would look into it for me,didn鈥檛 even have the courtesy to email me back to find their results. I emailed them this morning and asked for their results and I have had no reply, And to add a further kick in the teeth I have had an email from yodel to say my flowers had arrived at the wrong address in London the flowers should鈥檝e gone to the Midlands what was the point in saying that they would try and help fat lot of good that done. So if ever you order from them make sure you get everything spot-on because you鈥檝e go No chance of it being put right,All I can say at this time of crisis I hope whoever the flowers went to they enjoy them and it hasn鈥檛 caused upset.


2 years ago

I have used this company many times before and not had any issues what so ever, flowers were always fresh and lasted up to 2 weeks and delivery.
But for Mothers day i placed 3 different orders (WA3265499, WA3265466, WA3148908), after receiving them i emailed in the following day to complain as the condition of them was unusually poor, some of the flowers were dead upon arrival and or were dying, i took and sent pictures.
Did not hear back so emailed again, still nothing so i called, the advisor requested i email her some images so i did, did not hear back from her. Called the following day and i was told she still hadnt received my images and to send again, i did so, still did not hear anything.
Since then i have sent another 3 emails and not heard back.
Basically wasted a lot of money on dead and damaged flowers.
Very upsetting to receive such a poor level of customer service from them.
Sad to say I will not be using these lot again nor recommending them.


3 years ago

Bad bad bad company, not worthy of a star! No delivery all a con! Just takes your money! When you try to complain they just say tough! Avoid at all cost!


3 years ago

Ordered flowers for my wife for our anniversary I could not believe my wife reponce after receiving them.She was ver diapointed to say the least ,I was ashamed to say I had sent them . So do your self a favour go to a shop at least you can see what your getting ,not the cheap rubbish this company offer


4 years ago

I sent some flower to an 85 year lady.on arrival half were dead,I emailed eflowers, and asked to send the surplyer to pick them up and renew the flowers,
on three acastions, but to no avel, as they need photo, I explained to them that i live 100 miles away, and were unable to get photo, for god sake, this is an 85 year old laidy,


5 years ago

Delivery was 2 days late , flowers were dead . Dreadful customer service just cut & paste standard reply, wouldn't offer refund as no photo !! Avoid at all costs very disappointed & spoils what should have been a happy occasion .


5 years ago

I ordered what I thought was a hand tied bouquet of sunflowers and white lilies for our friends who gave us a fabulous holiday in France , hence the sunflowers. The flowers came last Tuesday on time for when my friends returned , my friend said they were not hand tied just a bunch of flowers in a box. I visited my friend this Tuesday and the flowers were all wilted I asked her how they had been she said the roses had died in three days. The lilies were pathetic little orange ones. She had to throw all the flowers away on Wednesday . I do not expect to pay 拢30 for flowers that last a week some less. I have used this company before and been very pleased . I was really disappointed and embarrassed this time.


5 years ago

If it was up to me they wouldn't get 1 star, they only thing they did right was the way they took my money.10th wedding anniversary ruined as flowers did not arrive, they also refuse any blame even though the flowers turned up at a hotel we weren't at 3 days late!!!!!!!!!! do not use as when something goes wrong they will not accept any liability and blame others, they forget that it is they that chooses which courier to use! and therefore they must take that responsibility. From other reviews is seems there have been many bad experiences for people and no recourse, they always seem to say how it's being dealt with, or that they will learn and move on…how big of them.!!!


5 years ago

i ordered red roses for my wifes 54 brithday .only to be contacted later that day (16/06/2015) to say the florist did not have in stock , but i could have pale pink.
I told them the order was for the next day not that day .
Was told "oh great that will not be a problem now", and even tho i questioned this i was assured my order would be delivered.
Guess what ?? they rang again the next day saying that the florist did not have stock of red roses but i could have cream or pale pink (JUST NOT THE SAME REALLY IS IT). at that i cancelled the order (still not had my payment refunded) so thank you once again for ruining the special occasion of my wifes birthday E Florists.

Just as a side issue, the florist they use for my area , is one that did not have any daffodils in stock on ST DAVIDS DAY. say no more.

Needless to say i will not be using e florist again


5 years ago

originally contacted company about poor quality flowers with damaged stems, also absolutely not as shown or described on their website. not worth the money they charged. company to date has not even bothered to reply to my e – mail.
take some good advice use other reputable companies that bother about their customer base


5 years ago

Just received Flowers for my wife for mothers day – nothing like the advertisement. You basically get a 拢10 bunch of roses (NOT THAT FRESH EITHER) and a plastic vase to arrange yourself. VERY VERY disappointing. Sadly I have ordered 3 lots for my wife, gran and mother…. I will have a lot of apologising to do. A totally rubbish experience. Many of the roses are brown and wilting. I would like my money back so that I can use a local florist and get a better quality arrangement. My advice, avoid these guys the service is great but the flowers and quality compared to the images on the website are very very poor. I wish I had checked Trust pilot before using them, based on the reviews I think they have a real problem.


6 years ago

Awful company, save your money & do not use.
Ordered a lovely rose in enamel bucket called 'memories' to be sent to my sister who had suffered a bereavement , paid for same day delivery, order came to 拢34, it did arrive same day but they sent an Azalea just wrapped in cellophane. When I contacted them to complain they denied all knowledge of order & said we must have got it from elsewhere, if that was the case why did they take 拢34 out of my account.


6 years ago

I ordered a bouquet of roses to be delivered to our home for my girlfriend. I wrote a lovely verse and was meaning this as an off the cuff romantic gesture. I ordered on a monday afternoon and delivery couldnt be arranged until weds. So I arranged for my girlfriend to stay in all day in the premise that I had an urgent package arriving.
You can imagine my disgust when my girlfriend phoned me at 4pm to say a box was left on the doorstep. No ring of the bell she hadnt been out at all. Nothing is better than a woma opening the door to be beautiful bouquet of flowers.

The flowers were awful in fact you can get better flowers from tescos or any parking forecourt for 拢5.00 not the almost 拢30 I paid. There customer service was as diabolical as their flowers. I also reported e florist to trading standards because they shouldn't be able to take peoples monies under false pretences.

Never ever use e florist and please advise all of your friends not too.


S henderson


12 years ago

Efloristinc got the order 3 days in advance for a Chicago delivery. When you advertise same day you expect 3 days to be enough for a weekday special. Now I have to fight for my money back. Google should ban their adds!


12 years ago

horrible service. never shipped my order, then after spending 35 mins on the phone, the gave me the run around on why the order was going to be 4 days late. i asked to cancel the order, and was told that there would be a $15 cancellation fee. proflowers.com is the way to go, this company is a joke

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