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1 year ago

Dear customers!
Dont buy anything from e Gear. I bought internet security by f secure 3 licens one year.
I paid directly by my bank. Got The key code and it dosent work at all. Contacted e Gear and they say I cant get a refund because They given me the code and its not returnable. I contacted f secure support and told them my problem with e Gear and they sent me a new keycode for free. I still want my money back from e gear because they are not safe to buy from. I hade to prove The code didnt work.anf I got no message on The screen explaining That gave me huge problem to take a screen shot to prove my self to them. We got to have strong proof from you to know you Dont use The code or sell it yourself. They Dont give any warenty or safty to you as buyer they only want your money But dont care if The product^ work for you or not. If I could grade a minus score I would please take your buisness to someone else. In Sweden I could recomend Billig teknik. Relayable and safe to shop from.

Update after a repremand to The society of safe swedish e shopping they finaly agreed to pay me the money back in full. In total 179 swedish crowns. But it was a lot of negativity with it no excuse of any kind.

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