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1 year ago

This is an scam. The real website is e-ita.org. Instead, this website will steal you personal info and credit card information. Block transaction with your bank ASAP.


1 year ago

A SCAM wesbite, built to replicate e-ita.org
They will take your personal details as well as your credit card information and save it in their data base, only to be cahrged a random amount later.

They do produce the document ordered but the authencity is questionable. 3 weeks later, they will sneakily charge your bank details (even if you didn't 'save' it). I was charge an extra $300USD. my order was $32USD, which I was also charged for.


1 year ago

DO NOT USE e-ITA.world, not a real company scamming people out of their money. The telephone goes to voicemail and no one is replying on their website.

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