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6 months ago

Just have to do a Positive Review for E-Junkie!! A Webmaster & Support Guru at E-junkie.com that helped me today was wonderful AND it was such a help for me I will be able to move ahead with the information that he furnished to finish my website tonight. The help that I have been receiving from the staff there has been very good and the answers to my questions were always received in a timely manner. Thanks for making my life easier!! Joanne Woods


7 months ago

Great site , offer reasonable prices , quick support and fast delivery for my items on eBay.


1 year ago

I've been using e-junkie as the shopping trolly on my site now for years. It's great!

I have a software business and it automatically distributes the licence keys as the customer buys. I've never had a problem with it not working and it integrates with my site, PayPal and Stripe without a hitch.

I've contacted support a couple of times with feature ideas and they are quick to respond, typically within 5 to 10 minutes.

Highly recommended. 🙂


1 year ago

Haven't provided me with anything… And I've paid 拢17 for that


2 years ago

I have used e-junkie for 7 years and have 215 products uploaded. They have gone out of their way to take care of our small business over the years. Their customer support has always been very quick to respond and very patient with me. I can't recommend them enough to any business looking to expand and work with a trustworthy company.


3 years ago

I used Ejunkie primarily to sell digital codes. Ejunkie would email my customers a code to their paypal address as well as email me a copy of what was sent. All seemed great during the 1st couple days. Over the course of a few days some of my customers who had gmail address weren't receiving emails despite my receiving a copy of their email. I thought it was a spam issue so I ended up emailing each one manually while testing out emails with my own gmail account. Once my 7 day trial expired I signed up for a paid subscription. Once that happened every single once of my emails stopped going through. I contact admin for help. They said there was nothing they could do as once an email was sent there was nothing they could do. I have received negative feedback on ebay from my customers and a few requesting refunds as well. I have been using a new service for a couple days which is working flawlessly while still receiving emails from those earlier in the week about not receiving their email and giving refunds due to Ejunkie.


3 years ago

Been with them 6 years now and they have done little to improve their cart over the years.

But there have been plenty of outages/hackings/DOS attacks in the last 2 years. They are down again today. Seem to be down every couple of weeks. And when they are down, you are down.

We're switching to something more professional.

Best avoided. You'll probably find the run their entire operation out of their mom's house.


8 years ago

Popular online shopping cart for digital goods.


10 years ago

good site!


11 years ago

A great way to sell software. Editing steps are clear and monthly fees are reasonable.


11 years ago

Shopping cart for selling things online


12 years ago

Bought a coupon and got it as expected. No problems.

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