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8 months ago

After trying several times I have never found an item on promo that I want in stock , even on the day they come up for sale, communication is nil.


1 year ago

Yet again have to make a lot of noise about the abuse of handicapped parking it is a store that puts its customers needs last I normally only go to leclerc when some on else is driving as I can get out at the entrance and be picked up there the law states 2 percent of parking should be for disabled but every time I have gone there is abuse of handicapped parking leaving less than 2 percent for handicapped people they need to change the policy of doing nothing My life is hard enough with out having to fight for my right to handicapped parking every time I want to buy something in there shops


1 year ago

I visited from 24 th June to 29 th June.The general staff are good.The cashier woman checked the empty plastic bag I carried which insulted and hurt me alot.The pastries section attached is not hygienic.flies are more than the displayed items


2 years ago

Minable le site de billeterie


6 years ago

Buy file supposed epub but in real drm not readable only a file acsm. Don't work with linux, login page bugged if you can't be log at first time block for 1 hour, horror site, when can't do better like that continue sold vegetable tin and let's internet for professionals.This firm promise to disappear and i won't cry about that , only public health !! Go away don't buy any file on this site.


7 years ago

No chance of spamming. I trust this site very much.


8 years ago

des ameliorations seront la bienvenu sur le site, mais leclerc est souvent moins cher surtout pour l'alimentaire


9 years ago

le site leclerc est NUL !!!!!!!!!! impossible de changer de magasin, on tourne toujours sur le m锚me lieu !! pratique quand on veut changer de ville et voir un mag plus proche….. et 莽a 茅nerve!

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