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Website & Phone: 4 Law Court Sunshine West 3020 Australia

5 months ago

Whilst I appreciate we're in a pandemic and deliveries are delayed, trying to find out where my bed delivery is with E-Living has been an absolute nightmare. If you know there are going to be significant delays, they should clearly state that on their website and not offer 2 day express delivery. It's been 8 days now and all I can see on the Hunter Express page is that it's stuck in the depot.

Their offshore customer service is abysmal, where they continue to say they will contact the delivery company to get an update and then don't follow up with me. I've been going back and forth with them where they then continue to then tell me it will be delivered in the next day, which no surprise does not happen. I've been working from home for this delivery and need to know the day it will be arriving so I can try and plan my life a bit.

They need to step up their game in expectation management and also understand how unhelpful they are being. I don't plan on booking anything with them again.

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