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Website & Phone: Kreuzgasse 22 Usingen 61250

7 years ago

I can only say my experience with e-maxx has been generally positive. I ordered an iPad Air 32GB and a Nikon D3200 DSLR Camera Package on Sun 08 Dec, receiving confirmation of receipt of payment on Thu 12 Dec. I did start to get nervous after reading several reviews on this website and attempted to contact e-maxx by e-mail with regard to a delivery date for my goods as I was working offshore at the time, I also simultaneosly started a review on TrustPilot. Within minutes of posting a review I was contacted by a very nice lady from customer services who confirmed she was able to deliver the camera but could not guarantee delivery of the iPad before Christmas, I accepted her suggestion to cancel the order of the iPad and take delivery of the camera. The refund for the iPad was depsited back into my account within 2 days of my request. I received notice of despatch of the camera on 17 Dec, although no tracking information (received on day of delivery after e-mail request ) the camera arrived in good order and well packed on 19 Dec.

I am very happy with my purchase, the price that e-maxx offered was unbeatable, as was the iPad. The delivery time of 3-7 days quoted on the website for all their products (3-10 days in their AGB TVs longer ) maybe a little misleading for some people and perhaps a more realistic marketing approach would benefit both the consumer and seller. Updates to order status could be better implimented, paid and sent with a 5 day gap inbetween with no additional information will always keep the e-maxx inbox full and their hotline busy.

Be patient and you will get a fantastic deal with this company, they are not trying to steal your money,

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