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2 years ago

I signed up for this service to earn miles and keep my United MileagePlus account active.

However when I surpassed the minimum 500 points required for the transfer to United, I was kicked out of my account. Initially I thought it was my error on the password. When I did reset the password, it works, but I'm unable to access my account. Tried to email them (couldn't locate a land line contact) to check on my account, but never heard back despite several emails.

I had to work for these points and unfortunately I feel cheated by this firm. Not an honorable firm in my book and I would not recommend anyone to use their service.


3 years ago

TRY TO UNSUBSCRIBE AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS…….I signed up with whatever the company was a few years ago and ended up making a purchase through their site with the notion of "receiving Delta Skymiles". A week went by after everything was completed and I saw nothing. Then a few weeks passed and I called Delta asking them about my promotional points I was supposed to receive through e-miles. The lady couldn't find such and felt so bad that she gave me points. A year or two later I finally got tired of them sending me fabricated emails so I UNSUBSCRIBED……Finally, I was done with e-miles……….Well, apparently they had a "facelift" and changed the way they operate and dug up my email address along with others I am pretty sure of. I have tried to unsubscribe from this new email and I got ERROR MESSAGES…..Today, I hit unsubscribe but it sends me to a log in page. CONTACT PAGE IS EMAIL AND NO NUMBER. I am writing to the BBB after this and possibly will lawyer up for harassment.


3 years ago

It used to be a very good site to earn some airline miles. A few months ago the website changed and it couldn't be worse:
– Most of the offers are just trying to get your detailed personal information in exchange for as few as 1 points (sic)
– The surveys are a scam: you answer pages and pages of questions, then are told that you don't qualify and get rewarded with perhaps 1 point (usually none); today I attempted tens of surveys and in 30 minutes I earned 3 points.
Minimum reward is 400 points – $5 Starbucks card.
What a joke!


3 years ago

An absolutely horrible service. They used to be very good until they changed their website. Now it is really bad. The worst part is that they never answer e-mails complaining about miles not received. Also, some of their posts now are pure scams just getting detailed demo and personal information. You answer endless pages of questions but never receive the promised materials AND you dont receive the promised miles. To participate just earns you frustration…..not miles!


3 years ago

The program has changed – now, instead of answering a few questions and getting a few points, you have to actually sign up for stuff or buy stuff. I did donate to a worthy organization but never received by points. I have sent 2 inquiries and have never heard back. Unsubscribing for sure


5 years ago

Been using this site for a few weeks and thought it was a great and easy way to earn some miles for travel. So much so that I also told my wife about it and she decided to join up.
She managed to get more miles than I was getting and got up to 440 while I was still in the three hundreds.
One day she logged in and her account and all her miles were gone… right back to 0 !!
She asked me to check it for her as she didn't understand why and I went through and saw in her account section and saw that all miles were removed (attached photos)
I immediately sent them an email to ask why and after no reply for over a week, I sent another. This took about another week before Latrice replied and basically asked for all the same information I gave before.

This went back and forth for about more weeks before she came back with the following:

"Members are allowed one e-Miles account. Multiple accounts is against our policy and miles will be lost and/or deducted. Therefore we will not reimburse miles."

The took it upon themselves to assume that I had two accounts rather than it being for someone else and erased all her miles. I have since replied to Latriece from e-miles stating that one account is mine and my wife has a separate account along with her own frequent flyer programs which she was trying to gain miles for.
Of course this email was once again unanswered. Absolutely poor company to deal with and avoid at all costs. Customer service is horrible both via email and via their Facebook page.

It's clear that they're liable to do anything to your accounts and there's no recourse.

I've learnt if you're looking to get miles it's best to buy legally through the airlines or other affiliate directly related to the company you want miles or points for. Most of these are just scams trying to market third party products via all the info filled in on the surveys.

PS None of the e-miles "partners" have mentioned of e-miles anywhere on their sites. Food for thought.


6 years ago

So far this is working. I have been saving up my points to redeem. Its perfect for earning some extra $$.

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