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8 years ago

I bought a service from them, around 9 months ago.
During the past months, there has been issues with their service and it could therefor not be used properly.
I decided to give it a chance and renew my service (Did so on January 5) and right after , I found out that their service had been banned from the network I used.
Because of this, I demanded a refund via their support email.

After 2 days with no answer from them, I made contact via their IRC channel.
Here I explained what was going on and that I wanted a refund.
This was met with a very bad attitude and I was rejected and banned.
I then went to their forum, as a concerned user and warned others about this.
The forum thread was blocked and a message from the admin had been entered.
In this message, he claimed that I had made threats against him (this is not true).
I edited the thread (could not add more messages to it but still had the option of editing what I wrote in the thread) and told him to stop this and remove it since it isn't true.
A few hours later, I checked the thread again and found out that the admin had changed my message and added the line "I'll fuck you up!" to the end of it.
This edit was clearly made by the admin and my guess is that he is trying to make him and his company look better (although they stole my money, lied about me and accused me of something that isn't true).

I advise people to NOT buy services from this company.

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