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4 months ago

Some good but overall ridiculously bad – I will never shop there again.
Laptop delivered October 5th.

The good:
On time delivery
Good communication on delivery time

The bad:
The laptop delivered: a new 2020 macbook air 512GB/8GB i5 didn鈥檛 function correctly straight out of the box.
Had used time machine to put my Macbook Air 2015 48GB of material onto external hard drive and when trying to download onto new device, system stopped processing files and stayed at same number of files processed for an hour.聽
I then tried to cancel the download but system froze and stopped responding.
I powered off and powered back on.
There were no downloaded items on the machine.
I again tried to initiate download but at that point (about 10hrs October 8th) a message saying Catalina update pending came onto the screen.
Thinking the cause of the problems might be that machine needed updating I started the update.
24 hours later, the machine is still 鈥榰pdating鈥?
The apple logo appears in the middle of the screen and the line slowly goes across the screen, reaches about 85% across and then disappears and the process starts again.

This went on for 24 hours.
I spend a total of about 3 hours chatting and on the phone to apple support.
I ended up with a senior adviser and we tried EVERYTHING to fix this but the conclusion from apple support was that it was a hardware problem.

e-shop eventually agreed to pick up the machine with a view to replacing it after they had done their own testing.

The ridiculous:
e-shop announced that they had tested the machine and found it 鈥榩erfect鈥?and that they would send the machine back to me.
I refused, knowing 100% that the machine is unusable.

They then proved their own statement wrong by telling me that the 鈥榗rash鈥?(on a 鈥榩erfect鈥?machine?) had happened because I was trying to put older data onto a newer machine鈥︹€?.(some people call this migrating files鈥︹€?

Newsflash: that is why people buy new devices – to migrate their old data onto鈥︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€?.

So no, I won鈥檛 be buying anything from e-shop in the future.

They have said they will send the refund. If there are problems with this I will report.
Stay away from this company.
They take your money, deliver faulty equipment and waste your time.


6 months ago

We have a large air conditioner from E-Shop installed in our home which has broken twice under guarantee, with the same issue. The first time it took near a month to get fixed and this time it has been almost a month in the brutal heat of summer with three small children in our home and they have failed to get the repair parts and do not offer any solutions and will not replace the twice defective product. Avoid E-shop if you care about after-sales service and honest customer service.

Update on August 29, 2020. This shop is crazy. The company sent a new unit but instead of replacing the twice defective unit with the new unit, the technicians dismantled and took replacement parts off of the new unit and put them in the defective unit to repair it.


1 year ago

They have the best electronics for the best prices in Greece. Do not miss the PC configurator. The only minus are the innovator products, avoid…..


1 year ago

Really slow delivery and bad customer service that tells lies so you don't cancel your order


1 year ago

The best consumer electronics chain in Greece.


3 years ago

The best greek eshop. High prices, kinda, but delivery is lightning fast and support is good.

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