E-Swin, L'茅pilation Par Lumi猫re Puls茅e

Read 3 Reviews of E-Swin, L'茅pilation Par Lumi猫re Puls茅e to check if it is legit.

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6 years ago

haven't seen any improvement for 6 months,
sent emails to them, and when i mention refund, the unprofessional staff Sarah Hickey doesn't reply anymore, awful service, will go to Consumer Helpline to sort this out.


8 years ago

anybody knows what I can do to get my money back from E Swin?!!! The phone lines are disconected!!!!!! They done a runner with our money. AVOID BUYING IF YOU HAVN'T ALREADY!!!! France company claim that they are not responsible!!!


9 years ago

Good customer service.Device a bit cumbersome, but gets easier with practice.Need to use it regularly as advised – results very good- smoother skin.Not painful like salon treatments , & in the comfort & privacy of your own home.

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