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Website & Phone: #5 - 1490 Pearson Pl. Kamloops V1S1J9 Canada

5 years ago

This was a replacement tank for one that was same brand and 3 yrs old but wouldn't heat water above basic warm. It was the same model as the old one but was a rebuilt model. This unit was first installed by electrician who didn't read instructions and didn't change some switches inside unit. But, even after this was corrected the unit would not heat water correctly no matter what temperature it was set to so I am really unsatisfied with the product.


5 years ago

I am not new to the Tempra product lines, I have had another model for a few years now and to sum it up, it cuts your energy consumption down 20%. My daily rate with the previous hot water heater was 5.20 per day. now its at or below 4$/day. net gain payback is less than 18months for us , well within the warranty period and shows the product is a viable cost effective solution.
If anyone wants to talk tech about installs or performance, they can reach me at 304 772 3411… ask for scott.

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