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11 years ago

This company is HORRIBLE to do business with. Their advertising is deceptive and their tech support is non existent. I had a similar experience as others with problems listed on this site. They were advertising a Western Digital drive that I was looking for, to do some data recovery. I was first sent the wrong drive { a totally different model than I had ordered } and after explaining to Reena Merrit the fact that I needed an exact drive due to my data recovery needs,I had to send it back. Another week later I receive the correct drive but…its used and DEAD… out of box failure. I again call and speak with Reena, who tells me first that The tech assigned to my case will have to call me back. I never get a call back. I call them and am again told that the tech is "in the field" and will call me back…no call back. I call again, no Reena this time but a woman with a different name…sounds like Reena though… and after a similar conversation, am promised another call back…of course…no call. I call back again and ask again for the status of my case. The woman is annoyed and discourteous, and of course no answer, no calls back. I call back again and ask to speak with Bruce…a name I found from this site. I am told that he is not available but if I give them till Monday {this call was on Friday} he will call me back. Of course no call on Monday, and when I call them back on Monday to find just what the [email protected]!* is going on, I am told by some obnoxious man on the phone, who won't let you get a word in edgewise, that all phone conversations are recorded , I must have broken the drive, and to take whatever legal action I would like, and proceeds to hang up on me. This is after sending this e-mail to Bruce:

I have a situation and a problem with a drive that I placed an order for on 11/06/2009. This problem is with a Western digital hard drive model WD4000KS-00MNB0, Invoice # 4702. This drive is an out of box failure, with the usual WD read write 鈥?Click of Death 鈥渟ymptoms. This drive was going to be

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