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9 years ago

This is the same company that operates SendBlasterSMTP.com selling the mass email product (and so-called dedicated SMTP hosting) SendBlaster. They also have mass-emailer.com.

I ordered an SMTP server to send out emails to my client list (about 20,000) with a dedicated IP address. I stated that this was my intention before making the purchase. But then I was told that I cannot use the server for mass emails because all emails go through a shared IP address; and so I requested a refund. This is the response I got:

After speaking with my partners and reviewing emails and chats we still feel we have supplied a service as advertised. In addition we do not offer refunds for mail server packages. The reason is any server customer
could use the service, send out tons of email and then request a refund.

As I see it, you are asking that we allow an open relay server. This would cause any server to be blacklisted.

It is just not allowed and to have a different sender as the mail server domain name would cause a high percentage of your emails to end in the junk folder.

This is also the reason why we suggested a mailing domain to match closely with yours. This was also confirmed by your company
as the domain to setup.

It has been our business model to try and please every client but we have also learned that is not possible. Any negative advertising on your
part is up to you. Where we live its a free country and as long as what you present it true. False or misleading statement will be vigorously
defended by our legal counsel.

The mail server will remain available for your usage for the remaining year from the date of purchase.

Mark T

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