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7 years ago

I purchased two scripts and an installation for one.
I contacted them several times to see where they were with the installation.
I finally installed one of them myself only to find that they had to send me the key in order for the script to work.
After 1 month and several attempts still no word from this company. I will try to get my money back from 2Checkout but not holding my breath. I just came to this site and see that this company was a problem as far back as 2011.


9 years ago

I Do Not Like This Site And After I Explain Why All Of You Online Will Not Like Them Either I Bought A Paid To Click Script From Them And They Got Me For $47.00 And The Genis At Paypal Allowed Them To Rip Me Off And Give Me A Script That Don't Even Work At All And They Do Not Even Have The Right To Sell This Script In First Place The Script Has Rights On It That Says No Resell Rights To The Person With This Script And They Doing Illegal Business Online Because They Are From A Forien Country Then Paypal Allow Them to Do Illegal Business I Am Reporting Them To Our Government This Site And Paypal Both Will See What It Like When You Condal to Illegal Business In The USA THIS SITE SELLS ILLEGAL SCRIPTS DO NOT SHOP HERE AND TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS SO THEY DO NOT SHOP HERE EITHER

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