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1 year ago

The best website on the market.very fast delivery thnx guys


1 year ago

Ok guys. After I got robbed over a couple of scumbag steroids websites, as almost everybody else indeed, I have tried this site and my experience with them was amazing. First of all I am a newbie roid user and so I was seeking for some solid advice to start my first cycle. As it seems these guys provide expert steroids advise on their website FOR FREE and I have been contacted the same day after I filled up the form with my personal goals and details which is pretty cool!

So long story short, after I completed the order with the cycle they have suggested to me along with the post cycle therapy and paid with my bank card on indacoin, which btw is a very good option for those who don't have bitcoin wallets, and the order was processed and sent the next day!

Delivery was as promised and the package arrived after 5 days. Although I live in the UK and I am not sure whether people from countries outside Europe will receive their order as fast but anyway.

My overall impression for a first time buyer was that these guys are really into it and they like to help people with their cycles and they are very friendly with customers or potential customers and also professional.

Now what's left is to crack on those juices and see how they really work.

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