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6 months ago

I bought a Naturehike Hiby, and i am very satisfied- both Economical, and technical.
We camped 2 adults, and one teenager, and it was ok- even if its more sutable for 2 adults. The tent is light, and easy to set up. The delivery was quite fast aswell.


1 year ago

The products has been perfect. E Ville seem to always have that items noone else has, for a good price. Payment is smooth, and the customer service is very polite.

Their webpage is very user friendly and feels intuitive; They remind you of what could be needed to buy alongside your product, and sometimes gives notes about good things to consider with said product.

Only con: It is a hassle to get your eventually broken items fixed. Not impossible, but still its a journey on its own..


3 years ago

very good webshop


3 years ago

Ordered a camera kit which on arrival was not complete the box was defenetely opened before delivery to me. It took almost 2 weeks to get a reply that the missing parts was no longer available. Did get 2 rolls of camera film as replacement which took another 3 weeks to arrive. Will not shop there anymore.


3 years ago

cheap copy rubbish and got robbed for money never took back my camara very bad service


3 years ago

I basically wanted 1 product from this page. But as there are many low cost products and i was only a 100sek away from the free delivery sum i ordered a couple more.

First there was a delay due to a long weekend in China, thats fine no problem with that. But i didnt get any information until i asked. So by the time i asked the 2 – 3 weeks delivery period had already passed.

Then i waited a couple of weeks more. Still didnt get any confirmation of shippment so i asked again. this time the product was out of stock. Delivery date for the product was unknown.

After about another week i didnt feel like waiting any more and asked to cancell the order. Then i get information that three products has been shipped so these can not be cancelled and if i want to return them i have to pay for the return myself. Despite the fact that i been showered with compensation vouchers and free delivery codes (4 in total on one order).

Whats missing from my end here?
– The lack of information, If i had got information about the delays i would have been fine with this.
– The lack of goodwill from the company. Considering all problems is on their side i would have expected a free return of the products that had been shipped already.

Products are in many cases shipped from China so longer delivery time is in my mind perfectly reasonable and should be expected. But that also put more demand on e-ville to keep customers informed.
Perhaps sending the producs one-by-one is good in one way. Whats available and whats on stock in the Finnish warehouse will arrive sooner. But a big minus for me is that it takes away the option to cancel the order if a product is out of stock or wont even come back in stock (unless you want to pay for the return yourself ofcourse).

I did this order as a "test" to see how this page works. For me it was the first and the last order.


4 years ago

Website that has done abusive marketing over internet.
Reason found on Google and Suomi24,fi website.


4 years ago

It is easy to pay but difficult to get a refund. I understand a small company can have a difficultie to handle things smooth always. But I hope they can give some credit when it comes to payment/refund stuff. It took quite a long time to get a refund and the process was not visible at all. No receipt or notification. The CS is kind but their answers change everytime so it confused me even more.


4 years ago

I ordered a phone at their website, the money was taking out of my account 2 days later, after they got my money they send a invoice where it said that I could expect a delivery from 1 to 3 weeks, after the 3 weeks are over I can see that the phone was shipped 2 days before, and then i needed to wait further 3 weeks to get it.

Then I told them that I might decline the package when it arrives, because I really needed a phone and could not wait that long, then i was told, that if I did that, it could disappear in delivery back, and I would never receive my money. So in total a really bad experience with the company


4 years ago

Never received my order. No response. I recommend to stay away from this company.


4 years ago

I ordered an IP camera and payment was taken for it but there was no confirmation mail – when I asked what had happened I was informed that the item I had bought had just that very second been taken off their catalogue (very convenient!) and there was a more expensive alternative they could recommend in its place.

The first warning bell should have been that they could not provide the product ID, only a picture and a brief description (I wanted to research a bit before ordering), but I found what I believed to be a match through Google Images and it seemed to be a good camera.

I was warned that shipping could take up to 6 weeks as it was coming from China.
I chased them after 6 weeks as the tracking site said the package was on a flight after 3 weeks, but PostNord had no record of it in their system yet.
I was told to wait a further week.

One week later I requested a refund as there was no update.
Two days later the package turned up… and was totally useless as the documentation, software and GUI was in Chinese (with no way to change the language, even with a firmware update).

I requested an RMA and a refund, sending the camera to them (in Finland) promptly.
I received my money just over 3 weeks later.
From start to end they had my money for just over 11 weeks.

I wish I had done more research on the company instead of the products!
I will never use this company again, nor would I recommend it to anyone.

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