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2 years ago

The experience of renting this car was a nightmare. Booking through a third party, I arrived at the E Z-rent-a car desk. I was told by the woman that the car I selected that was supposed to be on par with a Hundai Sonata (a model I own) was not a guarantee as it said it could be a 2-door or 4-door and no guarantee. I knew that there would be an additional amount due when I picked up the car but it was only supposed to be $88. The woman said with the luggage I had, I needed a larger car and then proceeded to up sell me. I was so worried, that I said yes. And the area was so busy it was hard to understand as she didn't even know what car was set out for me. So based on her suggestion, I ungraded for a another 216.48 on top of the 183 I paid in the beginning. That total comes out to $57 a day for the 7 days I had the car. The promise was that it would be a 4 door and large enough to hold 2 golf bags and luggage for 2 or more people for a week. She did allow another driver, After I agreed to it, they didn't have a car available. She finally said she would put me a 2018 outlander sport vehicle.Now I didn't know what that vehicle looked like and assumed it was a large SUV. To my horror, as I was waiting for that car to arrive, people returning their cars had horrible experiences to report. One had part of the bumper of the car come off and had a blown tire and other bad tire issues. He had to have the tire fixed and was afraid to drive on the interstate with the shaking that the car experienced. The clerk could only take off the amount he spent on the tire and was not authorized to do more even though the gentleman asked. Next, two young women returned the van they had rented. It had damage that was there when they rented it but no one let them know to report it prior to leaving the lot. So they were taking photos to make sure that they weren't charged later. The clerks at the return station were not helpful at all. I really felt sorry for the man who had the bumper fall off. There were no good stories. So when the car we were renting arrived, I was shocked to see that it was far from a large SUV. In fact, it was smaller than the Hundai Sonata that was the size of the car I had thought I was getting. But while the car was smaller, I hesitated changing it after hearing the other experiences. At least it was a 2018 and who knew what car I would get based on the experiences of those I saw checking in. It ended up that the car I rented had low tire issues during the week I had it. I was by myself and none of the three gas stations I went to had working air machines. So, I had to use my AAA membership to put air in the tire. It was a night mare and I will never rent from them again. I tried to explain when I returned the car, but the clerks were not helpful at all. They don't have the authority to approve any kind of cost adjustment.I will never book through E-Z Rent-A-Car again and am very hesitant of using a third party booking company after this nightmare.


2 years ago

I recently rented a compact car from E-Z Rental car at the Orlando International Airport MCO for 4 days. The cost of the rental was less than 150.00 with taxes. So why was my CC charged more than 273.00 for my rental and ripped off by this company.I called today to find out after waiting a week to see if they were returning a deposit. The night before I filled the car up and even topped it off one last time before returning the car very early in the morning to catch a flight. When I called they said I had returned the car with an empty gas tank. They charged me 120.00 at 9.00 per gallon to fill up a car that was already full and topped off. So I sent the CC statement showing my gas purchase the day before. Further, the 2017 Hyundai Accent which only holds 11.4 gallons of fuel at 9 per gallon would only be 102.60 if the car was indeed empty. Should you rent from this hose bag company? Absolutely not! I intend to post this information far and wide across FB, Twitter, you name it to inform people about this company. A customer should never have to go through something like this in dealing with a rental company for a weekend trip. No matter if it was a mistake or not, I have not had any response to my emails to the company, no refund and by the time I am done writing on every forum on the internet I hope to save other customers the hassle. Go with a name brand company well known. E-Z Rental Car money stealing thieving fraudulent car rental, no way, stay away!!


2 years ago

This summer we rented a car through HolidayCars.com, at 'E-Z rent a car' at Maui. This car-rental-experience is the worst we have ever experienced!

They did not have the car we had ordered (Ford Mustang convirtble) and pushed us to accept a Jeep Wrangler. This is, according to their own website, a downgrade (427,09 dollar pr week for Mustang VS 250,15 for the Jeep).
Then they told us that the agreement we had, on extra Insurance, with their partner HoidayCars.com, and our own ensurance company at home, did not apply to them, and told us we had to be responsible for the full rental price in the period when the rental car might be in the workshop if something happened and that it could often be 60 days – if we did not accept their own ensurance.
They also pushed us to accept an agreement to deliver the car out of gas at a price that they would fill it. If we would not accept it – they would charge us $ 20 extra per rental day in rental expenses.

So, we ended up with a car we had not ordered for a price we had not agreed with and an insurance which, according to them, was not valid. On top of it all, the car we had to accept was filthy, scratched and with a pil lamp lightning from day 1, indicating poor maintenance, and we had to pay full price for a car that was a downgrade!

Worst experience ever!


2 years ago

It was a bad idea to book a car with this company. Hopefully, when I was in the store I guessed the rip-off and I didn't take the car. I booked for $345 online and when I went to the office they told me that I couldn't have the car I have booked and also to pay $2000 more.

Obviously, they are liars and they take advantage of tourists, you feel entrapped.
The employees were so disrespectful and cold. Maybe because they are aware of their scam.

But I came back to the airport and I found another rent agency SOOOOO MUCCHHHHHH BETTER! I recommend!

E-Z rent-A-car = buuuuullllllshiiiiittttt !!! (impartially)


3 years ago

Booked a car for pick-up at LAX for an indicated $230 (confirmed at booking). The bill, however, came out at more than $500 due to hidden fees (insurance etc). What a rotten company, never again.

EDIT: The rating should be 1.4 (total number of stars divided by number of reviews) rather than the indicated 4.5. How Trustpilot can come up with that score is beyond me.


3 years ago

We have used them in Los Angeles, Orlando (twice) and Miami and have always had decent cars for a fraction of what the better known companies charge. The sales people might try to up-sell you, but are polite and will take "no thanks" as an answer. One of our cars was a bit older but was a very nice make and model. We had a beautiful minivan in Orlando once and a plain-jane but serviceable car in Miami.


3 years ago

We had the worst car hire experience I have ever had. The car was stinking dirty, parking brake didn't work properly, had cracks on bumper, smelt of smoke and should not have been given to a customer in that condition. We had the car for our 28 day road trip and tried to give it back on day one but was getting no joy in trying to sort the problem out over the phone with your staff. We then tried again on day 2 and run into the same mis-understanding staff, the state of this car and unsafe feeling while driving this car effected our vacation hugely and we are looking for a full refund on the money we payed. I feel appalled and find it very scary that they would give out a car in that condition especially to foreigners unfamiliar with the roads and car driving side etc. The way it abruptly handed to us with out a care in the world was also disgusting and we are taking this matter further. On top of that they try and upsell extras hard and have the couldn't care a toss attitude from start to finish, A very poor company.


4 years ago

This company is a rip off. What they post for a price on line is not what you end up paying when you go to pick up your rent a car. They told me $67 for 3 days in Denver and when I went to pick up the car they did not have the car I reserved and wanted to charge me $300 for 3 days. They also tried to give me a Mustang convertible as a bonus when it was 9 degrees out and snowing. Then after I got back from my business trip they charged me another $75 for giving them a half a tank of gas. E Z-rent- a-car SUCKS!!!


4 years ago

Bad!!! How are they still in business?… the two counter agents were just extremely rude, they have so many hidden fees and they don't honor the reservations that you probably already have specially the insurance part! I ended up paying $104.00 more a total of $206.00 for a 3 day rental!! I was not able to cancel the insurance and reservation from the web site carrentals.com because they didn't have no information to contact them at all! they told me I was on my own…Great never again! so don't waste money or time with this company!!!


5 years ago

We booked a car in L.A. online for 250$ for some days. When we arrived they told us that we as European (with all sorts of insurances) had to take the max. insurance coverage, and they added a fee of 30$ or so for being 24. I know this is a US standard, but they did not tell us online although we had to state the driver's age. We had several Americans (who where allowed to rent without any insurance coverage) tell us that this is a scam and they were just trying to make money.
Then we told them we were taking back our booking. Which they did. But they had already deducted the money plus a deposit of a few hundred dollars. And it took 3 weeks for them to transfer it back.


6 years ago

When I arrived at the desk of the branch adjacent to LAX with my reservation forms, I believed there would be nothing further to pay, other than perhaps a deposit against the return of the vehicle – I had bought the excess waiver insurance during the booking process.
How shocked was I when the clerk told me that because I did not hold a valid US drivers licence, It would be mandatory (company policy he told me) for me to purchase a legal protection insurance, not cheap either! in case I was sued.Nothing wrong with my English drivers licence.
Clearly this is a scam, just to drain a few more dollars from the pocket of the harassed holidaymaker who has just got off the plane with wife two kids and a pile of suitcases who just wants to get on his way.
I read all the small print, no mention of this online.
I declined to buy his "mandatory" insurance and walked around the corner to a company called "Midway" car hire, to whom I would gladly give a five star rating.

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