2 months ago

Attn Amazon Shoppers, Online Shoppers and UMX PHONE Holders. EforCity in El Monte CA is the WORST! They sell a battery for the UMX 673CL phone that they claim is compatible with your CL phone…. THIS IS A LIE! Please don't believe any reviews you read about this on any message board. I believe they wrote them themselves. Furthermore when you want to return it they give you the runaround. They ask for information they should have in their records (pictures, item numbers, etc…). They refuse to pay for shipping, and give two different addresses to return items. All this is meant to deter you from getting the refund you most certainly and rightfully deserve. AVOID THIS COMPANY LIKE THE PLAGUE OR PANDEMIC!!!! This company also has BAD reviews on Glassdoor IF I COULD GIVE THEM NO STARS I WOULD.


3 months ago

Purchased an item off of walmart.com and it clearly states on my account shipment delayed. I ordered this back in July and the status has never changed. I emailed them today to see what the hold up was and they emailed me back saying this was shipped out and since its over 60 days they cannot give me a refund. Clearly it was never shipped out on their end. I get the delays with COVID-19, but I feel this was not my fault and never received my shipment and they are still charging my card. I will NEVER order anything on walmart.com because of this company. They are truly scammers out to take people's money! Do not trust this company!


5 months ago

I ordered a pack of disc type batteries on 8/18/2020 from this company, has not arrived as of today, I called walmart and upon investigation was found at a not to distant post office and they claimed it had the wrong address on it. It has been sitting there for 4 days. This one is not on Walmart,it had to have close to the correct address to get from California to within 75 miles from me.i don't see myself ordering from this company and tomorrow I'll call that P.O. and find out what going on. I called the post office, they blamed dhl, they supposedly sent it back to Richmond but nobody at Richmond scanned in, so who knows where it's at, called w/m and they credited my money back. I don't want to make this political but if the post office cant track a pack of batteries are we going to trust them with our votes, just something to think about. No nasty posts please just my thoughts.


5 months ago

I had orderd an xbox rechargable battery from walmart and it went through the company eForCity. Item was supposedly delayed but never arrived. I waited patiently and it passed 30 day. I sent company a message that I never received my package. They told me it was pass the 30 days and i could not received my package or refund me my money. I basically got robbed by this company that walmart does business with. They have access to the shipping and could clearly see that their end was not filled. I had to reach out to walmart to get my refund back. I will never do business with this company eForCity and suggest you don't do business with them either. They rob shoppers.


1 year ago

Sold me a "new" phone battery through overstock. It was not easy swapping out the battery. After I did, I found the battery is faulty. Definitely not new, it drains very fast. And the battery has also made my phone randomly shut off regularly since the install. This company sucks.


1 year ago

I ordered a cell phone holder for my car with the vent or headrest bracket attachment. I only recceived the headrest attachment. After 2 weeks of back and forth woth eForCity about the missing vent mount bracket they refunded my money. I WANTED the vent bracket ,NOT a refund and i took pics and emphatically stated that!
Looks like they could care less about fulfilling the order CORRECTLY and would rather dismiss the customer with a refund.
Poor, poor customer service from this company.


1 year ago

Do not do business with this company! eFor City is a fly by night rip off. The 6 dollkar cord they sent me for my ZTE phone didn't fit. 1st they wanted me to jump through hoops sending numbers from cord and insisited that the invoice was not good enough. Next they told me to return it at my expence with a 15% restocking fee! This amounts to me paying twice for something I can't use. Do yourself a favor and order from a legit company. STAY AWAY!!! I order online weekly and have never had such a horrendous experience!


2 years ago

I felt Gestapo in manner & poor customer service.
The product I bought broke a part.
Manufacturer (90 days) said to go through seller.
Eforcecity,com (seller) REFUSED TO EVEN CONTACT manufacturer or deal with me.
Eforcecity just kept saying "we're 30 days".

I am now in the cold, in that because of the games killing time, I just now crossed 90 days warranty.
I shall see how Mybat want's their review to be.


2 years ago

I bought a phone case on Walmart.com and eforcity was the 3rd party vendor. Horrible customer service. Everything is robotic and cut and pasted from templates for responses. I ordered a product online. Received it. It didnt fit as described. Initiated a return to find its NOT gonna happen. I jumped through all their hoops, sending pics, packaging details and some other unnecessary things. Why do I have to do all that when YOU sold me the item??? Anyways, since purchased thru Walmart its considered "special sale" so basically it becomes a waste of time and you spend more money than the item cost. YOU have to pay return shipping. YOU have to pay 15% restocking fee. YOU get screwed cuz a $5 item now becomes 10 and all I wanted was a phone case. I would never ever recommend EforCity to anyone and if I see them on eBay, Amazon etc I will NOT order the item. They make it difficult to return anything and aren't very customer service oriented. Wish i seen their horrible reviews prior to buying but thought Walmart has my back but unfortunately how they set it up with them walmarts hands are tied. Smh


3 years ago

EforCity sent the wrong size labels. They asked for all kinds of proof and I provided everything they asked for, including pictures and detailed information. Despite the great deal of time it took to do all that, they refused to either refund or exchange the item. Do NOT do business with them. They cost me both time and money and refused to do anything about the problem.

Beware! They have terrible reviews everywhere.


8 years ago

i love eforcity i used to buy from them on ebay all the time fast shipping

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