4 years ago

One Stop Shop for health insurance? No way! I don't think so! This website is annoying and complicated and only displays certain insurance policies. They do not offer every policy there is in existence. There are many other better alternatives to the insurance that they offer. It is very hard to find but you are better off searching using regular search engines instead of picking the limited selection that ehealthinsurance has to offer. For example I picked Dental and Vision Insurance from ehealthinsurance by Humana. Humana's coverage is just average. I wanted something better, something more complete, which is not offered on ehealthinsurance. I also wanted a little better Vision plan instead of from Humana. ehealthinsurance also has Critical Illness insurances which I had for a while. Currently I have canceled all my policies. Signing up for health insurance through ehealthinsurance is VERY easy. They provide absolutely no help in canceling the policies and you have to contact the insurance company directly. One final gripe is that I did not get Life Insurance from ehealthinsurance. I had to search elsewhere for that also. Because the result for ehealthinsurance was from some pushy aggressive and annoying company called Quality Quick Quote. What a dumb name. In conclusion, I will not use ehealthinsurance again.


9 years ago

Enables quick and thorough comparisons of medical and dental insurance plans, and will sign you up online. Represents close to 200 companies (without raising their prices). Commits to go to bat for you in case of any problem.


10 years ago

My experiences are, thus far, 100% positive including customer service, responsiveness, web site content, ease of use, agent knowledge and expertise. Have found no validity to the negative comments.

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