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6 years ago

No one ever answers the phone

I paid $350 for all inclusive vacation package. When I try to call the number either someone picks up and then hangs up the phone or the phone just rings and no one answers. I was promised an all inclusive vacation to Hawaii and promised a free trip to Orlando, Florida for purchasing the all-inclusive vacation.


6 years ago

Promised vacation deal too good to be true

Read the other complaints on this site and my wife's experience echos them closely. Then read the BBB unresolved complaints @… and you will see the precise scam set-up that matches my wife's experience. All complaints are unresolved, details the experiences of a scam with up-front monies non-refunded and promises not fulfilled, and a company that cannot be located. My credit card company rejected the charge and the source of the charge did not reflect the name of the company but a generic 'travel company' from Mexico (scam). So my credit card is now cancelled so they can't make use of or sell my credit info (identity theft).


6 years ago

Hanging up after calling several times and lying about hidden fees andetails.Steaing deposit money.

This company is a scam. They trick you into thinking you are getting a great deal such as $129 per person in a 6 day/5 night all inclusive vacation with a *guaranteed* 60% off of airfare. The initial person you speak with lies about the entire package and says that all you need to pay is the initial $129 and then you will receive a 60% reduction in your airfare price once your hotel is booked. That person also states that you have the option of choosing any 4-5 star hotel you desire and that they will all be available for any date you desire. After speaking with this fake and fraudulent individual you are told to call back and an agent will set up your flight and hotel for you. The first few times we called back we were put on hold and then hung up on. After a 5th call we were finally directed to another representative who then proceeded to spew out an extra $500 in fees per person that were initially hidden and lied about by the first representative. Not only that, but when inquiring about the guaranteed 60% off of airfare we were sent an email with several links that provided miniature discounts of about 5% that any individual can access, meaning that this company has no affiliation with any airline company and can not provide this guaranteed discount. They also do not refund you the initial deposit. This is clearly a fraudulent company. People like this do not belong in this world. Help get rid of these vermin if you are scammed as well.


6 years ago

No email scam number

Got a fax special for vacation, said i would receive confirmation with booking info, called all weekend with no answer, i finally got someone this morning after i told him i wanted to cancel he said it was like disneyland child molesters all over and people still go, and hung up.


6 years ago

Sent scam fax to my entire company noting it was "from HR"

A fax went to my entire company that appeared to come from HR. Employees called the number to book, were told the deal was no longer available, and hung up on. I called to find out the story, and after 3 hang ups, the last person cussed at me, told me I was stupid, and then hung up.


6 years ago

Not returning calls after I made payment

Friday April 4th, 2014 I recieved a fax offer at my office for an all inclusive trip to Hawaii, Cancun or Cabo San Lucas for 6 days and 5 night resort stay for $129.00 per person. from Express Reservations. I asked loads of questions, like where they are located (Cabo San Luca), I spoke with a representative named Shawn McKenzie ext# 2141 he was extremely helpful. However when I called the following business day Monday, April 7th, 2014, because they had not sent a confirmation email I kept getting hung up on and no one would return my call

Is legit or scam? Can I trust

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