EZ Prints

6 months ago

No matter the size I order, they are always beautiful! Crystal clear, no blurring, no spots! Other companies I have used sent photos with half of the picture chopped off! But these were delivered perfect and in a timely manner! Definitely will never use another company again!


10 years ago

I spent all my coke points to get what I thought was coca cola coasters, instead I get directed to this site, so i can buy something, the coke site didnt say I had to go through an hours worth of crap to get my "FREE" coasters, and on top of that it wont even accept my code anyways, and wont let me log in. Very lame, I think I will spen at least an hour posting my negative experience with this site on as may websites and blogs that I can. I spent hours entering all of those coke codes so I could get something and now I got nothing,and my points are gone and I am very mad about it. You would be too.

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