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2 months ago

Pathetic never ever use them…no customer service and undependable


3 months ago

DO NOT USE!!! They are scamming people left and right! It's happened to me and others multiple times, unfortunately. For example: you place an order from a restaurant through them, you see the listed prices and get an estimation of the total before ordering, you get the order and then notice that there is no itemised receipt by paper or email, your card gets charged DOUBLE THE AMOUNT, the charge of $45 is suddenly $85, you try to contact Favor support but there is no phone number that works, you use their "help" email option and get the order of a very partial refund of $15 even though the food made you sick (side note: even if the food was fine you get a worse response), you feel violated and used, you get disgruntled and leave a review here with no resolution having happened, you never use their services again. I'm telling you they charged us forty extra bucks just in tips and fees without our knowledge or permission!


4 months ago

Poor communication terrible customer service their management treats their employees terrible and pushes way too hard I used to be a runner and I also used to prior to that use favor and in the beginning phenomenal company once the pandemic hit they just started hiring people left and right didn't matter what people were not paying for orders they didn't care they were treating customers bad it was just terrible and it just kind of stayed that way the level of customer service the response of support way downhill I used to love the company and respect for it I put from 7:00 a.m. till midnight into that company sometimes 2:00 in the morning 7 days a week loved it and then it just fell off the way they started treating people and charging for their products and responds to stuff and how they talk and treat their employees and the streaming and hiring process was just terrible once coated it was much better when it was orientation and then knew they were dealing with way downhill I would rather walk to get my food don't get me wrong there are some really good runners out there but there have been so many fakes and liars and cheaters and disrespectful uncaring people it makes the good runners look really bad I would suggest instacart or shipt very professional as a customer my service wasn't anywhere from Port to moderate no communication no respect no customer service skills except ones or twice charging me twice on $30 $40 orders that they said they didn't but they did selling them proof and not getting refunded the way their customer service talks to you when they don't like something you say or you have a complaint as well as really reimbursing you and honestly even when I work there it went from great to bad so quick with no change I was an elite runner from the time I started to the time I finished 7 days a week 18 16 hours a day 7 days a week for 7 8 weeks and the pandemic just lost their customer service and their pride


5 months ago

Always have a back-up plan when you order from Favor. The chances of your order being cancelled well into the expected delivery window are high. And, if your order does get assigned to a runner, the chances that items will be missing is almost a guarantee. There are no checks and balances that ensure that the runner is placing the order correctly, so when your order arrives and you're missing items, the runner punts it to support, and support punts it back to the runner. It's incredibly frustrating. The only thing support will do — eventually — is give you a credit for the missing items, which does nothing for you or the members of your party who are now hungry because their items never arrived.


8 months ago

Placed my food order with Luby's menu on their website to be delivered by FAVOR. So it was delivered precisely on time, nicely presented, one item missing the beet salad. Completed first form headline FAVOR,=== couldn't "SEND", so tried another form, couldn't SEND. This after spending time detailing the event each time to utter exhaustion. Sp after at least and hour decided to read their other suggestions which led to the same conclusion once you completed the extensive form you could not SEND. Next suggestion was to contact the runner. That was tried and I fully explained again to no avail a reply came back saying that runner was not available to sent it to another. I have never been given the run around as I was by this company – at first I thought it was my fault of perhaps the system wasn't working – NOT. They have no intention of replying or accepting the information. Sorry Lubys I will have to order elsewhere.


10 months ago

Gave it a second chance as I believe in second chances, Ok I have funds on card as I check this before ordering, still cancels on me saying due to insufficient funds. This is ridiculous !!!


1 year ago

I know this service is fairly new so I'm guessing they just haven't hit their stride yet. I gave them quite a few chances and each time I was very disappointed. Each time either the coupon didn't go through and I was charged full price, the delivery person was very rude concerning the low tip even though they didn't bring me what I ordered, customer service takes up to a week or no reply sometimes, and every time it was a sure thing that part of my order was missing. All customer service did was offer coupons that didn't work and apologize. Maybe in a few years they'll figure out how to run a legitimate business but right now this is not it.

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According to the customer reviews, Favor Delivery should be avoided in any dealings and transactions.

Can I trust Favor Delivery?
Probably no. Despite the fact that the review was published here, Favor Delivery has not responded. Lack of responsibility is a fundamental determinant of trustworthiness.

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