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3 months ago

I wanted the nice catcaves, I payed and got an e-mail that said they were shipped. But the store doesn't exist anymore. I was fooled.:-(


3 months ago

They got me 🙁
Took my money after I ordered 2 cat caves and sent me a $5 piece of crap.
Don't fall for this, please


4 months ago

I ordered a Cat Cave (actually 2) according to specific item photos as seen in favoritomall.com.
I must say it seemed suspicious that the price was almost half compared to other online stores, but still, the photos were very clear about what I am about to receive.
I couldn't be more wrong!
This was not what I bought in any way, except for the name of the product!
I tried to find them online but… guess what happened? right! they disappeared. No favoritomall.com anymore. Spooky ha?

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