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1 year ago

I tried out Favro to see if it was a good way to plan tasks and tickets. I found the system quite well thought out with a good UI.

However, I tested it out beyond its trial period (paid for by my private account), I was somewhat under the assumption that I paid for just 1 month. I became busy at work and I forgot about it and I was subquently charged on my private account for several months before I noticed it in my bank statements. I was never notified by Favro about each month's payments – otherwise I would have canceled after the second payment. This was confirmed by Favro and was told they had no policy to do so. This, I interpret is in violation of Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011 on consumer rights (pertaining to payment and invoice noticing to a consumer).

After contacting the company (their customer relations officer involved was extremely polite and went to great lengths to look at the company policy and legals), I was told that "it could be argued," that I was a B2B client instead of a "consumer".

As much as I liked tech and the individual that I talked to, I would not recommend anyone to use this company as they hide behind their "T&C" and their subscription model is extremely sneaky.

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