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Website & Phone: 17 Bleachery Blvd Asheville 28803 United States

3 years ago

I tried to have a conversation with " Fay" and she hung up the phone on my twice while I was trying to ask question. The paperwork I received says the ring is worth 2500.00, Its not. I will be call BBB.


3 years ago

We contacted this owner to discuss an exchange with 5 days of the purchase. She asked that we return the necklace and when we picked out another item of equal or greater value to let her know. We did just that. Several weeks later, we picked something else of equal value. She refused to and and wouldn't not refund our money. She said if we came out to her, she would meet us Witt the item. We live in Raleigh, so when out in Asheville we called her, She gave us her address. It was a po box, where she did not have an office or show up. She never sent the exchanged item and never refunded our money. We are reporting her to the States Attorney General. Be advised.


5 years ago

Love the collection of this site. Great products!!!!!!


5 years ago

Within 7 DAYS of purchasing our ring, a stone fell out and when contacted Fay Cullen, they gave us bogus excuses why they would not fix it, i.e., because we got a discount????? – We paid $1000 and if you buy any ring, no matter what the price, you don't expect a stone to fall out directly after purchase. In any case, it is a direct violation of their policy published on their website. Update our credit card co. Reimbursed us via their defective product guarantee!!!


7 years ago

I absolutely love my antique Victorian 5-stone diamond ring from Fay Cullen. After purchasing it, I took it to a certified gemologist. She found the diamonds were the quality as stated and and the price was fair.
Now the bad news: the ring should never have been sold in its condition. A prong holding one diamond was bent and not holding the stone — not obvious on the photos, but obvious when I received it. Also, the main stone, a 1/2 carat diamond, was lose in the setting and could easily have been lost. I had to pay to have the ring repaired before wearing it. A quality seller would have taken care of these issues beforehand. Cannot recommend Fay Cullen.


7 years ago

Fay Cullen is not what it appears to be. They use bad sales tactics and fib about the quality of diamonds they sell. Be very cautious if you go through this company. Elizabeth uses her words very carefully when she sells the product. The return policy is a joke and the one year warranty they offer, means nothing. We found out the hard way. The diamond was not the quality they told us, the original setting did not have a diamond in it, as the ring broke and the insurance company took over. The only thing that saved us from not being completely ripped off was the insurance I added on the ring as soon as it arrived. To be clear- this was through my insurance company and not Fay Cullen. When I phoned Fay Cullen to talk to them about the quality of the diamond and the poor setting it was put in, they simply said, you should have purchased Fay Cullen's insurance. When I inquired about the warranty, they brushed it off. They have two stores. I learned my lesson the hard way. Nothing about this company is accurate. The appraisals they give on the ring are absurd and hold no value. If you buy a certified ring from them they use a company known for having loose standards on grading values. After the fact I learned an HRD, or GIA certification rate a diamond to its true quality. BUYER BEWARE.


8 years ago

I recently purchased a unique vintage ring from Fay Cullen. They were very friendly and my fiance and I took a trip to Asheville to view the ring in person. It was a wonderful weekend and I just love my ring.


10 years ago

my engagement ring was purchased from faycullen.com in 2007. red flags should have gone up for my fiancee when they sent the ring 1 month after promised. after having a local jeweler ask me if it was pre-owned, my heart sank. it was a reproduction of an art deco design. it shouldn't have been in "worn" condition. this was about 7 or 8 months after i got it and wore it every day. at first, the company was really helpful and offered to have the ring remade. it was gone for months though, with little communication about the progress. then i learned the ring was being repaired rather than remade. i tried to explain my concern an received a very rude email from the president of the company calling me out as a liar. i still have the email. when i got the ring back from the company, the crack was repaired but that spot gets discolored quickly. i try to wear that side of the ring facing my wedding band so no one notices it, but it still bothers me. i wouldn't buy anything from them ever again- only because of how they treated me. their jewelry is beautiful but their business practices are disgusting.

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According to the customer reviews, Fay Cullen should be avoided in any dealings and transactions.

Can I trust Fay Cullen?
Probably no. Despite the fact that the review was published here, Fay Cullen has not responded. Lack of responsibility is a fundamental determinant of trustworthiness.

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