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4 years ago

Just ask for to much information


4 years ago

This company illegally took money from my account. I never ordered anything from them. The debit showed up on my Jan' 2016 bank statement as being made by mmsuprt8446018902. I called this number to find out who they are and what they charged me for. They stated it was for an emailmagazine and accesss to their web site [web site has been taken down] I receive emails from fbmoneymaker.zendesk saying they will return money then they refuse to do so. I have filed fraud complaints with my bank and the PA Attorney Generals Office. They do not reply. They emailed me a fake phone number to call to get refund Mon. April 11, 2016.


5 years ago

Fb money maker advertised a work from home job offer that costs $99 to start, when you try to leave the page you are given an additional offer to start for just $49. I took the $49 offer. The company does not offer employment at all. They offer a program for your already existing online business. That's false advertisement! Then to request your money back is a joke! They try to offer you half your money back, then 80 percent of your money back! I told them I wasn't accepting anything less than a full refund and they agreed to give me that….in 3 weeks! After researching the company a little(I should have done this before hand) I found that the 3 week refunds were not being issued. So I called back and asked to speak with a supervisor, they don't have one! Rachel is the customer service representative that I spoke to and she hung up on me because I wanted to wait for a supervisor. I called back. Rachel answered the phone again! She said she was the ONLY customer service representative! THAT explains why I had such a hard time getting in contact with a person in the first place. This company is a fraud and they need to be sued. If anyone pursues a class action lawsuit against this company please contact me on fb.
Christina Eastman


5 years ago

This website guides you into taking a "risk free trial" for 3 days. But first you must use a debit/credit card to access the trial. The website is quite confusing and trying to get back to see the detail is impossible. The welcome email went into bulk mail and I didn't see it until I did a clear out 5 days later. There was no invoice or receipt to show that any money had been taken out of my account. When I checked my credit account a charge of 拢171 plus had been made to the account. I have written to Teri Gold asking for my money back as I would not have consciously agreed to such a large amount. The reply simply sent me a web address to view videos etc. I have initiated a payment dispute with my bank who advise they will be in touch with the company after the 30th day following the charge on the account. I am hoping Teri Gold will do the decent thing and refund my money and make amendments to the website so that it is clearer what the charges will be. Also how to cancel the trial is no where to be found despite it being referenced in the email sent to me. My advice BEWARE of this company.


5 years ago


Is FB Moneymaker legit or scam? Can I trust FB Moneymaker?

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