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2 years ago

After having tried many different masseurs, I tried Mariya at FBS Massage a few months ago. Never in my life have I recieved a better and more efficent massage. The massage that Mariya gives is very in-dept and she is very strong. At the same time Mariya is very thorough and a caring and pleasant person. My absolutely best recommendations of Mariya at FBS Massage.


2 years ago

Dijana has been regularly treating me with combi massage and acupuncture since February this year. I have been thoroughly happy with the treatment, which I have received these last four months, and am happily continuing my course of treatment with her.

Dijana has a deep knowledge of massage and acupuncture and how to use them effectively to help specific conditions / problems in the body. She shows professionalism in her approach to the application of her techniques, and is always very willing and open to discuss the theory behind her techniques, if one is inquisitive enough to ask and learn from her. Personally, I always find it very interesting and invigorating to learn from her, since she shows such enthusiasm in her work.

The massage itself is always relaxing and calming, with smooth, slow, deep strokes. Her hands and elbows are a constant flow, and she is able to identify problem areas and treat them with such ease. Dijana will always apply more (or less pressure), if you request her to do so.

I have never had acupuncture before, but Dijana was professional to explain the procedure to me in advance and ask if I had any concerns. The experience itself was fine, and on cold days, Dijana also placed a heated lamp over me, to ensure that I did not get cold.

As a regular customer, I would recommend Dijana and FBS Massage. She has a calm, professional confidence in her work, as well as much knowledge and enthusiasm to help her client in the best possible way.

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