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2 months ago

I think the cryptocurrency Authoritries should look into the fraudulent activities taking place in the crypto currency word by Brokers and Account Managers. 80% of Forex , Binary and Bitcoin Brokers and Account are operating illegally all they do is to steal funds from traders , I was a victim , they convinced me into investing with them after depositing my fund they refused me access to withdraw my fund rather requesting for more deposit.It was a painful experience, fortunately I came across a broadcast talking about how Mr Richmond helped victims who lost their fund to Brokers and Account Managers , I took the opportunity and contacted Mr Richmond through the email displayed for consultation, after receiving my mails he ask for information about my trading and the Broker name ,Account manager name , the Total amount I lost and the year. I forwarded all the details to him . With their help I was able to get back the total amount I lost , the crypto security agencies mission is to make the crypto market a safe place for all traders and investors.
If you鈥檙e having difficulties in withdrawing your funds or you have lost your fund in years or months back but you still have details of the broker or account manager who stole your money kindly contact Mr Richmond he will hear you out and give you the right step to take and get back your money successfully, contact him with his email below:
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7 months ago

This is a trusted broker..all negative comments are nothing but stupid


8 months ago

See also an excellent broker that I've been with since 2014 and use these tools. More details you can find in the announcement. The Bot Binary Deriv toolkit is a collection of pre-created automated trading strategies for our Binary Bot Deriv platform. These strategies are designed to help you trade on synthetic indices using types of trading such as digits, up / down, etc. They are built to monitor the movement of market prices and will only buy contracts when market conditions are favorable.

Main features

Available for synthetic indexes
Supported contracts:
Games / Differences
Up down
Even or odd
Fall rise
Highest / lowest
Only high / low low
Available package: 120 USD for unlimited lifetime access. I accept Payments by Paypal, Neteller, Skrill to [email protected] the shipment will be sent to the same email in which the purchase was made within 06 hours after purchase
Learn more at WhatsApp +5562993161042 or https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=5562993161042
Website https://bot-binary.webnode.com
Note: Synthetic indices are not available in some countries.


8 months ago

They are thieves, criminals, devils who ruthlessly rob you of even the last money. I got my lost fund back through the help of Mrs Cali David . Check on my headline for her email address.


8 months ago

This is SCAM broker, not allowing scalping, they just get my money and that is all, I was looking to make some money and as a result lost everything.
Stay away from them, this is true SCAM


8 months ago

I'm not yet fbs.com investor
I read the reviews here.
fbs.com, before everyone play forex using fbs.com, fbs.com asked all details like Passport, driver's license, proof of address, and more. I just ask you fbs.com, Why you required again with more additional docs to allowed your investors to withdraw their own money?

You already have all those requirements before they start playing right?

I create my account in fbs.com but I suspecting that I encounter this kind of problem with fbs.com soon. 100%

The best I can do to avoid trouble, STAY AWAY


8 months ago

they are holding a new event called FBS league now, you get a chance to win profit with demo account, it's really intriguing.


8 months ago

I have never found a broker that offers a lot of promotions other than FBS. Even a unique promotion to realize a dream that could not have anything to do with forex trading but the sincere desire to help from FBS is so extraordinary that it makes me like FBS even more.


8 months ago

Hey today I try to use FBSPA App that it make easy to trade
don't trust me if you never try it It make me like to trade more yesterday


9 months ago

your response doesn't supports the facts of closing the transactions with your said prices, as your below prices were high during the period of 22:00 and my transactions were survived in that period and moved towards closing of day. while in day end 23:50 to 23:58 no prices were went as high to fall margin level below 20% my provided screen shots and system log clearly proves the prices were never moved towards below 20% margin level. Further this is totally fraud and SCAM of FBS that to forcefully close server was accessed by FBS and prices manipulated. The candle stick chart and prices closed were never accurate further i also checked the highs and lows for the currency pair in day end never touched the prices you forcefully closed and taken all the money.


9 months ago

Look up or click on my profile to recover your lost funds and profits she trustworthy.


9 months ago

If you want to scalp or have short term trades, FBS is the worst broker you can use. I have a couple of accounts in different brokers and in comparison, FBS charges the most. Spread on gold is around 170 pips when XM charges 1-5 pips.


9 months ago

The spread on XAU/USD (gold) is 200 pips ! that is something unheard of … what a crooked broker…


9 months ago

Very kind company

The reason I prefer FBS to many other brokers is that they are very kind. They help people in need with charity program. Now I participate a new charity program called "Trade to help". I can help the poor while trading as usual. Such a nice opportunity !


9 months ago

what i like use FBS is app FBS trader its very simple to trade i just open account at app phone then deposit then select pair to trade so easier to me trade anywhere


9 months ago

For those of you a beginner, I suggest being able to trade using free capital. You can start trading with trade100 bonus from fbs. This will help you feel the thrill of trading without fear of losing your money. This will test the extent of your trading skills on a real account


10 months ago

I'm becoming affiliate

I'm becoming an FBS affiliate after trading forex sometime with them. I'm not a professional forex trader. I trade for fun, in spare time, not serious money.
But I manage websites for life and it is hard to choose a broker to affiliate if you don't know how they operate. This is a market full of not-so-serious players.
After trading with them – even for fun – I think I can trust.


10 months ago

I think your card withdrawal is bad because why is that the customer need to give you both sides copy of the card. The backside copy is very confidential and only the owner should know it!


10 months ago

Be very careful when selecting a broker to invest with I had invested 7btc with a broker and things were going fine until i made enough profit and wanted to withdraw. They wouldn't allow it, kept bringing up reasons and blocked my account not long after. I got referred to the trade consultant and recovery agent Mr Bart Kasch by a trader online and contacted him, he got back all my money and i can't thank him enough. You can reach him at BartKasch @ Affiliaterecovery .com if you need help


10 months ago

I opened Neteller account to deposit other FX brokers, and this time, I transferred my money to FBS. I like their various funding options, not only bank wire. Bank Wire takes time and charge operation fees. I love online transfer options.


10 months ago

FBS.com connected to money bookers, They can accept deposits from our cards but they won鈥檛 accept withdraw profits to our cards, we need to withdraw money through money bookers(Skrill, Netellar) only after doing withdrawal to money bookers They will held money for months or years we don鈥檛 Know whether we will get or not so I suggest you to don鈥檛 use such brokers who linked with money bookers please take care of your money. This type of brokers may not be helpful if we get any problems with there money bookers


10 months ago

I chose FBS to become an IB because I believe this broker can be trusted. I have been a FBS IB for 3 years, so far I have no problems with this broker. The commission given by FBS is very interesting. Moreover, I can give rebates automatically to my clients. FBS very supports IBs to further develop their careers.


11 months ago

I use copy trading of FBS because I don't have much time and I'm not good at analysis. The copy trade app is easier to use than I thought. Thanks FBS.


11 months ago

One day I was silently watching a video that suddenly an advertisement shown on YouTube about FBS. I clicked on and visit the official website and download the app. I create an account and deposit money easily and starting own career in forex trading. Whatever I am in today, because of FBS. Thank you


11 months ago

Claim against FBS.com

This is my formal claim to the daily voided trades.

During the night, at 03:49:24 broker time, my news trading system noticed a big movement on AUDJPYe pair (about 70 pips, a rare event) and it decided to open a sell trade (see the image for explanation):

As you can see, the trade was opened and closed inside the M1 candle and it was closed after 20 seconds.

After a while another sell position was open on EURJPYe and closed after some seconds. Take a look at this trade:

Also here the trade was opened and closed inside the M1 candle and it was closed after few seconds.

Let's go ahead and take one of the most profitable buy trades I got tonight, ticket 1139914591, pair NZDUSDe, 104.7 PIPs, opened 2020/03/09 03:51:03 and closed 2020/03/09 03:51:40, 4.2 lots:

As you can see my strategy bought at the bottom of the candle, trying to catch the rebound, opened and closed on the same M1 candle here too.

The logic of this Trading Strategy is quite always the same, so the other 800 and more trades have been affected of the same big movement as well as the trades have been opened due to these big M1 chart big spikes and I can give you a specific explanation about any trade I made; but it's impossible to do it "within 2 working days since the moment the grounds for a claim appeared", as the point 8.1.1 of your Customer's Agreement states, so I cut here the list of the trades, waiting for you to ask me for more evidences.

Please, also note that the first ticket affected is number 1139909889 and the last is number 1139924207, it means your ECN server had, in this short period of time, 14,318 (fourteen thousand three hundred eighteen) trades and I am sure you didn't delete any trade of everybody, so why only me? Or why me and few others? Why didn't you void 14,318 trades? You wrote you "received Off-market quotes from our Liquidity providers" so any ECN traders had this issue, last night, any inside the range from ticket number 1139909889 and ticket number 1139924207. I only want you to bring evidence on the fact you voided any trade inside these few minutes, about 14 minutes to be accurate, otherwise I won't accept your decision to delete my trades.
What about your Standard account that traded in this specific range of time? Did you void all them too? I have some evidence you didn't delete other trades done by other traders and I can give you them upon request. More, since some time, I am registering the ticks of my account, now very useful to check any problem, like this one; again, if you want I can you send the files, one per pair. This is an example:
Date and time,Bid,Ask,more data, more data
2020.03.03 17:06:25.001,1.11619,1.11608,1075,1075
2020.03.03 17:06:25.063,1.11617,1.11609,1076,1076
2020.03.03 17:06:25.563,1.11619,1.11608,1077,1077
2020.03.03 17:06:26.032,1.11620,1.11608,1078,1078
2020.03.03 17:06:26.048,1.11621,1.11610,1079,1079
2020.03.03 17:06:26.126,1.11625,1.11613,1080,1080
2020.03.03 17:06:26.173,1.11624,1.11611,1081,1081
2020.03.03 17:06:26.923,1.11623,1.11612,1082,1082
2020.03.03 17:06:27.376,1.11622,1.11612,1083,1083
2020.03.03 17:06:27.641,1.11621,1.11611,1084,1084
2020.03.03 17:06:28.876,1.11620,1.11612,1085,1085

From my very first calculations you have voided negative and positive trades but the P/L was largely positive, so I ask you to reinstate any trade you voided and to give me back the gains: rougly $270,000.00.

Due to all these reasons, I formally ask you to reinstate all my trades as said below to get back my roughly $300,000.00 balance.

Last, but not the least, would you prefer I close my account?

Best regards,
my name (hidden for privacy)

Is FBS legit or scam? Can I trust FBS?

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