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1 year ago

I ordered a shirt from the Bayern Fan Shop, however, the medium sized shirt I ordered turned out to be a size small. Hence, I wrote customer service, who told me that I could send back the item, though they could not promise that the correct size would be in stock, once the returned item arrived. Therefore, I went to the shop to purchase the correct shirt again immediately, however, I choose to add another shirt I fell across when visiting the shop the second time. Now they will not return the money which I spend on shipping costs for getting the correct shirt, because I ordered an additional product. In other words, I ended up paying for their mistake, because I was a good customer. I find this completely disrespectful. Not much Mia San Mia about that.


1 year ago

In my opinion good team ..


1 year ago

my club, but we need more world class players


2 years ago

I'm a huge fan of Bayern M眉nchen. I always buy my jerseys and hats direct from the M眉nchen shop. Thank yoi

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